School Playground Markings

School Playground Markings

We have a variety of school play area markings which are installed in thermoplastic to create brightly coloured designs and graphics.

Thermoplastic Play Area Designs

Thermoplastic Play Area Designs

You can choose from a number of different activities and games markings that could be installed to your tarmac play area so the kids can learn as they play.

Educational School Playground

Educational School Playground

Our graphics are designed to teach children different skills and to let them enjoy outdoor activities which match what they have learnt in the classroom.

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School Playground Markings

We can install school playground markings for children's facilities to add a vibrant and bold design to a plain surface and create a fun area for the kids to play.

As tarmac play areas sometimes get worn out and tired over time, especially if they are used a lot, this can be the perfect feature to add to brighten up a dull outdoor space. 

These graphics come in a huge range of different shapes and sizes so children can make up their own games and improve physical literacy and cognitive skills which contributes to EYFS learning.

The markings can be suitable for children of all ages and they can come in a range of patterns so that they are appropriate to the children's ages.

The costs for installing coloured playground surface graphics will depend on the playground design you choose and the amount of materials that are needed, but we can discuss a quote to suit you. Just get in touch with us by filling in the enquiry form today and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Playground Marking Ideas

Thermoplastic playground markings for schools come in a variety of designs and patterns, aiming to encourage physical activity, outdoor learning, and social interaction among students. Here are some common types of playground marking designs:

Traditional Games

  • Hopscotch: A popular game where players hop through numbered squares.
  • Snakes & Ladders: A traditional game which incorporates education.
  • Four Square: A game played in a square divided into four smaller squares, each with a player.

Educational Markings

  • Alphabet and Numbers: Thermoplastic playground markings for teaching letters and numbers in a playful way.
  • Maps: Maps of the world, country, or local area for educational purposes.
  • Clocks: Large clock faces to help children learn to tell time.
  • Math Playground Games: Thermoplastic playground markings for mathematical games and puzzles.

Physical Activity

  • Running Tracks: Marked lanes for races or simply for jogging.
  • Balance Beams: Lines or patterns for balancing exercises.
  • Target Games: Targets for throwing games using beanbags or balls.

Sports Courts

  • Multi Use Games Areas: Thermoplastic playground markings for multi use games areas with multiple lines.
  • Basketball Court: Playground markings for basketball including hoop and shooting lines.
  • Football Pitch: Thermoplastic playground markings for football (soccer) including goal boxes and centre circle.
  • Tennis Court: Playground markings for tennis with service boxes and baseline.

Creative and Imaginative Play

  • Mazes: Marked paths forming a maze for kids to navigate.
  • Role-Playing Areas: Thermoplastic playground markings denoting specific areas for imaginative play.
  • Creature Outlines: Outlines of animals, insects, or fantasy creatures for creative play.

Health and Well-being

  • Exercise Challenges: Playground markings indicating exercise stations with instructions for different activities.
  • Yoga Poses: Outlines of yoga poses for children to follow.
  • Nutritional Information: Thermoplastic playground markings indicating food groups and their benefits.

Safety Markings

  • Keep Safe Signs: Reminders about playground rules and safety guidelines.
  • Road Safety: Thermoplastic playground markings can help with road safety by indicating safe crossing areas for children.

How much do Playground Markings Cost?

The average cost of playground markings is £750 - £3,000.

However, the cost of thermoplastic playground markings can vary widely based on several factors, including the type and complexity of the markings, the size of the area to be covered, the materials used, and the geographical location.

Where are Thermoplastic Playground Markings Installed?

Thermoplastic playground markings can be installed on various surfaces. They are particularly popular for outdoor applications due to their durability and weather resistance. Here are some common places where thermoplastic playground markings are installed:

  • School Playgrounds: Playground markings for schools are frequently used in school playgrounds to create educational games, sports courts, and interactive learning activities.
  • Public Parks: Parks and recreational areas often use thermoplastic markings to create play zones, fitness trails, and sports courts for public use.
  • Nurseries and Daycare Centres: Thermoplastic markings can be found in nurseries and daycare children centres to create safe and engaging play spaces for young children.
  • Community Centres: Community centres utilise thermoplastic markings to encourage physical activity and provide recreational opportunities for residents.
  • Sports Facilities: Thermoplastic markings are used in sports facilities for courts such as basketball, tennis, and netball.
  • Recreational Areas: Recreational areas, including campgrounds and resorts, may incorporate thermoplastic markings to enhance play areas for guests.
  • Pedestrian Paths: Thermoplastic markings are sometimes used on pedestrian paths to create interactive games or educational activities for walkers and cyclists.
  • Apartment Complexes: Playgrounds in apartment complexes often have thermoplastic markings to create designated outdoor play areas for children.

Benefits of Playground Markings for Schools

Playground markings for schools offer numerous benefits to students and schools alike, enhancing both the educational and recreational aspects of the school environment. Here are some key benefits:

  • Physical Activity: Playground markings encourage physical activity, exercise and promote outdoor play. They provide structured areas for sports and games, promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping combat childhood obesity.
  • Learning Enhancement: Educational playground markings help reinforce classroom learning. For instance, math-based games or alphabet markings make outdoor learning fun and interactive, aiding in the development of essential skills in a stimulating environment.
  • Social Development: Playground markings encourage group activities and team sports, fostering social skills such as teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Students learn how to interact with peers, resolve conflicts, and follow rules in a recreational setting.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Creative markings, such as mazes and role-playing areas, stimulate imaginative play. Children can invent games, stories, and scenarios, enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Inclusivity: Inclusive markings can accommodate children with various abilities, ensuring that all students, including those with disabilities, can participate in games and activities. This promotes a sense of belonging and equality among students.
  • Improved Behaviour: Structured play areas with clear markings can help reduce conflicts and accidents. Students understand boundaries and rules, leading to more organised and harmonious playtime.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safety markings, such as designated crossing areas and reminder signs, promote awareness of safety rules and prevent accidents. Clear markings guide children and help them understand potential hazards.
  • Mental Well-being: Outdoor play and physical activity have been linked to improved mental health. Playgrounds with engaging markings provide a positive and stimulating environment, contributing to the overall well-being of students.
  • School Identity: Customised bespoke designs and unique playground markings can reflect the school's identity, motto, or emblem, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among students. It creates a visually appealing and recognisable school environment.
  • Parent and Community Engagement: Playgrounds with attractive and educational markings can attract parents and community members. They may be more likely to engage with the school, attend events, and support initiatives that enhance the overall learning environment.

In summary, playground markings for schools have a multifaceted impact, positively influencing physical health, cognitive development, social skills, safety, essential life skills and overall well-being of students, making them a valuable investment for educational institutions.

How are Playground Markings Produced?

Playground markings for schools are made from a durable thermoplastic material and come pre-cut into shapes.

For installation, the plastic shapes will be laid onto the tarmac in the desired position, and then a burner will be used to heat up the plastic causing it to melt and fuse into the surface.

If your tarmac playground flooring looks worn out or faded, we can apply a paint coating either in black or in a bright colour to upgrade the look of the playground surface before the lines are applied. This can make a real difference to the appearance of your playground; particularly if there are old painted markings that you want to cover up.

If you would like to brighten up your recreational area with colourful playground designs we’d love to help so please complete our contact form to speak to one of our experts about costs for this work.

How to Apply Thermoplastic Markings

To install the designs onto your required surface, these simple steps should be followed to ensure that you get the perfect outcome.

  1. Give your designated area a brush to get rid or dirt
  2. Apply a light jet wash to remove build up of contamination
  3. Lay the plastic in the required position 
  4. Apply heat to the markings so that they can melt into the tarmac
  5. Allow to cool

These markings may need occasional upkeep such as sweeping and gentle power washes to ensure there is no build up of contamination and and that the colours can stay bright and bold. As expert installers we are able to supply and install the designs for your school so that the markings are in perfect condition and to your standards. 

Thermoplastic Play Area Designs

The thermoplastic play area designs that we install offer durability and slip resistance so they won’t fade and they prevent children from slipping over if they’re running around. We can supply lots of vibrant colours and different graphics for children of all ages.

Educational designs like number grids, letter snakes and world maps are popular for improving children’s cognitive development, and also allow them to be creative and think of different games.

Outdoor play is extremely important in early years as it helps to develop physical fitness and many children learn better by doing activities rather than sitting in a classroom.

OFSTED encourage active play using playground surface graphics and outdoor equipment because it’s beneficial for children’s health, fitness and learning.

There are many benefits of these floor markings when it comes to school playground development and improvements.

Kids are able to enjoy many different activities outside including educational games and playing with equipment. This can help with teaching KS1 outdoors as well as other age groups to give a diverse and varied learning environment.

Other Services We Offer

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As well as school playground marking, these graphics can also be applied at nurseries, public recreational areas and many other organisations to create engaging custom designs for children of all ages.

If you have a playground project and would like to find out more about what we can offer, please get in touch and a member from our designated design team will be able to discuss your project.

Please take a moment to complete our contact box if you have any questions about installing school playground markings for your facility.

One of our School Playground Equipment Ltd. specialists will be happy to give you some advice and provide a quote for any work that you’d like us to carry out.

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