Sand Play Equipment

Sand Play Equipment

This helps children get creative and learn a whole host of different important and useful imagination skills

Sand Discovery Pit

Sand Discovery Pit

This is designed to help children learn more about textures and solids whilst improving them both mentally and physically

Development Equipment

Development Equipment

Every piece of equipment in a playground must one way or another help develop a child either physically or mentally

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Sand Play Equipment

We are able to supply sand play equipment for use in schools and nurseries. This includes fun toys and equipment along with a sand box which is perfect for many activities. This feature can help develop a child's sensory touch and help with both their mental and physical development throughout life. There are a large number of different equipment designs and products that are designed to help improve the overall development and progression of children in schools and nurseries.

It's vital that children have an area outside of the classroom where they can not only have a good time and relax but also keep their minds in gear, ensuring that they are still engaged when they get back into the classroom. A good playground should be able to do this, and to be able to get your play area to the point where it offers both of these properties requires a vast array of different playground equipment. An example of an ideal item is a sand ideas box as it helps to encourage creativity and physical development.

To learn more about the different products and services we have on offer please use the enquiry form. We can help talk you through the different designs and specifications available to you and how we can alter them to fit within your budget.

Child Growth And Development

You must bear in mind a range of different aspects when selecting an outdoor play apparatus provider. Using diverse appliances may help increase a child's growth both physically and mentally because of active play. Making use of all of these different equipment may boost thinking abilities within young people which means that it is necessary to plan these equipment thoroughly. Playground maze markings make the perfect example of how recreational spaces can benefit young people, because participants must undertake problem-solving in order to get out of the maze. To find out more about how the sand toys can help the growth and development of a child, please fill in the contact form provided and one of our team will get back to you shortly and answer any questions you may have. 

Creative Playground Sandpit in  

You could choose to have a creative playground sandpit for your outdoor area so pupils can make up their own fun games. The discovery sand box offers a world of possibilities for the children to learn with as there is no set way of using the equipment. This helps to improve physical abilities such as sculpting and the sensory benefit of feeling a material that is different in texture than most. It can also help improve muscles in the child as the movement of sand can work parts of the body that wouldn't typically be used.

Sand play also greatly improves creativity and imagination. Kids can enjoy playing role play games and use the sandpit as a prop or as an imaginary environment. There are so many ways to use the sand play equipment and it has many benefits for children of all different ages including EYFS and primary level. OFSTED will sometimes suggest that schools have interactive items like this in the playground as it helps with developing many physical and mental skills.

School Sand Box Prices

When it comes to choosing the right products, the school sand box prices can vary depending on what you would like. The pits come in a variety of sizes and shapes with different toys and extra items included. It is totally up to you which product you decide to have, but we would be happy to advise you on the range of designs that are available. Just let us know if you have a particular budget to stick to and we'll advise on some products which would be best for your school or nursery.

There are many sandpit EYFS activities which can be beneficial for young children, in addition to games for KS1 and KS2 pupils to enjoy. These versatile products are useful for sensory play where kids can learn about different textures and now natural materials move and work. Additional toys such as buckets, spades, diggers and plastic shapes can be supplied as well to help you make full use of these boxes.

Other Equipment We Offer

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