Playground Basket Swing

Playground Basket Swing

There are a huge range of designs to choose from to not only help the look of your playground but also reduce the costs of the product if you desire

Bespoke Basket Swings

Bespoke Basket Swings

We offer a huge range of different products for our clients to help create an ideal playground for your needs

Children's Swing Equipment

Children's Swing Equipment

All of the products that we have on offer are designed to be as safe as possible to help reduce the risk of any children harming themselves whilst playing

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Playground Basket Swing

If you are looking for a playground basket swing for sale we offer a selection of these products.

These swings can be a great addition for parks and schools as they offer a place for children to relax and unwind.

We believe it is very important that children have the opportunity to blow off some steam whilst keeping their brains engaged and functioning.

Playgrounds promote exercise within children ultimately improving their quality of life and setting good habits for the future such as regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

The basket swing can be a fun and active way for kids to enjoy their free time whether that be in a larger group or alone. 

If you are interested in learning more about the various different designs and products that we have available then please feel free to use the enquiry form and we will get back to you with the necessary information you require.

Types of Basket Swings for Schools

Basket swings, also known as basket seats or basket swings, are popular additions to school playgrounds.

They offer a unique swinging experience and provide opportunities for social interaction and inclusive play. Here are some types of basket swings suitable for schools:

  • Single Basket Swings: Single basket swings feature a single, spacious basket seat suspended from a sturdy frame. They can accommodate one child at a time, allowing for a comfortable swinging experience.
  • Double Basket Swings: Double basket swings have two separate basket seats attached to the same frame. This design allows two children to swing simultaneously, promoting social interaction and cooperative play.
  • Inclusive Basket Swings: Inclusive basket swings are designed to be accessible to children with disabilities. They may have a larger, supportive seat, harnesses, or backrests to provide additional support and accommodate children with varying needs. Some inclusive basket swings are wheelchair-friendly, allowing children using wheelchairs to transfer onto the swing easily, promoting inclusive play for all students.
  • Nest Style Basket Swings: Nest style basket swings have a circular or oval-shaped seat, resembling a bird's nest. They offer a spacious and comfortable seating area for children to sit or lie down. These swings often have an open design, allowing for easy access and exit, making them suitable for younger children.
  • Rotational Basket Swings: Rotational basket swings can rotate 360 degrees, adding an element of spinning motion to the swinging experience. Children can swing back and forth or enjoy spinning around, enhancing sensory stimulation and vestibular development.
  • Hammock-Style Basket Swings: Hammock basket swings have a fabric or netted seat that conforms to the shape of the child, providing a cozy and supportive swinging experience. These swings offer a relaxing environment, allowing children to gently sway and enjoy a calming motion, making them suitable for quiet areas in schools.
  • Customised Basket Swings: Schools can opt for customised basket swings with themed designs, incorporating school colours, logos, or educational motifs, creating a unique and engaging play experience for students. Some customised basket swings come with educational panels or interactive features, promoting learning through play.

When choosing basket swings for schools or traditional swings, it's crucial to prioritise safety, durability, and inclusivity.

Consider the age range of the pupils, the available space, and any specific needs of the school community to select the most suitable type of basket swing for the playground.

Regular inspections and maintenance are also essential to ensure the safety and longevity of the swings.

How much does a Basket Swing Cost?

The cost of a basket swing starts at £2,000. However the costs can vary depending on the type of swing, size of the basket swing and surfacing required.

If you would like a quote for a playground basket swing to be installed at your school, nursery or early years facility please get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for this product.

Benefits of Playground Basket Swings

Playground basket swings offer a range of benefits for children's physical, social, and emotional development. Here are some of the advantages of using basket swings in school playgrounds and other recreational areas:

  • Physical Development: Basket swings can improve balance, coordination, strengthen muscles, improve motor skills and provide sensory stimulation.
  • Social Development: Having a basket swing can encourage social interaction, teacher children about sharing and taking turns and offers group play activities.
  • Emotional Development: Basket swings can boost confidence, provide relaxation and enhance moods.
  • Inclusivity: Basket swings can be accessbile to children of all abilities.
  • Cognitive Development: Basket swings can improve spatial awareness and allow for imaginative play and creative thinking.
  • Outdoor Play: Basket swings encourage children to play outside which promotes physical activity and reduces screen time.

Basket Swing Installation 

The range of different school playground equipment that we have readily available is substantial, we want to make sure that all of our clients have a large range of different products to choose from.

The specifications that are available help to keep our clients within their budget as they can tailor the designs to help reduce or increase the overall cost and change the prominent features of play equipment.

The basket swings help to create a new take on your traditional style of swing.

The actual basket acts as the seat and allows children to get completely in the piece of equipment which not only gives a more exciting experience but reduces the risk of them falling out and injuring themselves.

The product can also hold up to 2 children helping you make the most of your space.

Playground Safety Design

Playground safety surfacing is subjected to testing to BS EN 1177 and BS 1177 as well as being CHAS, Constructionline and also API approved.

We make sure to be positive of the different sizes and depths required to make the outdoor learning space as safe as possible to help make secure and also active learning attainable.

It’s crucial to ensure that play areas are regularly tested to see whether or not they continue to be non-toxic and the traction force the surfacing remains as good as it can possibly be.

If apparatus in an area does not have a fall height then it is easy to set up a surface which enhances the appearance of a particular area and therefore improves the overall surroundings.

Basket Swing Safety Features

We want to make sure that all the children that use the product are guaranteed to be safe through no fault or defect of the play equipment.

The actual base of the swing is made from a strong fibres that are woven close together to eliminate any chance of children slipping through it.

The frame for the swing may be specified to be made from timber or steel which ensures that the basket can be supported with a heavy amount of weight inside it.

Different playground equipment will require a Critical Fall Height (CFH); the higher the equipment, the deeper the safety surface ought to be.

This really is based upon Head Injury Criteria testing (HIC) that takes into account the maximum fall height of playground equipment along with the sub-base.

The CFH for each piece of apparatus isn’t necessarily the overall height of apparatus however more often than not the height where a child may fall from.

One example is if there is a train on a play area, the fall height will be the highest platform instead of the roof covering the equipment.

What is a Basket Swing?

A basket swing is a piece of playground equipment that childen can sit in and swing on.

This allows kids to have fun and spend time with friends in an enjoyable and interactive way and can be a great form of physical activity.

The swings comes with a strong, durable frame that holds the basket in place and allows the kids to swing throughout the day.

The swing is a great addition to a park or school as it can be enjoyed by children of all ages and can be used by individuals or large groups. This apparatus is very versatile and imaginative for young people.

For more information regarding the swings we have to offer, please fill in the contact fom provided, where one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Other Playground Equipment We Offer

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Different pieces of playground equipment can be fitted to help with improving physical development and communication skills between children.

This is one product which many schools choose to have as they are engaging and fun to use, as well as being suitable for kids to play on together.

If you would like to learn more about a basket swing for sale and how School Playground Equipment Ltd. can alter it to help you stay within your budget then please feel free to use the enquiry form and get in contact with us.

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