EYFS Role Play

EYFS Role Play

We have a variety of products which can be used for imaginative role play activities in primary schools and nurseries, including mud kitchens, playhouses and timber shop stalls.

Den Making Kits

Den Making Kits

Children can use our different den building sets to create structures and houses which can then be incorporated into different role play games at school.

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Early Years Role Play Equipment

A key aspect of children’s early years development is taking part in role playing games by using different toys. Usually these activities will be designed to mimic real life experiences in a pretend environment. We supply a wide range of Early Years role play equipment for use with many different activities. Some of the products that we supply for these games include mud kitchens, timber shops, castles, boats and train sets. Kids can let their imaginations run wild with these exciting outdoor features in EYFS groups, nurseries and schools.

Our product selection includes a varied choice of different features for children of all ages. To speak with one of our specialists about the costs for each of these products, simply complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Role Play Resources

During nursery and school, there are many benefits that character play activities can have for children’s learning. Kids are able to act out different scenarios, dress up as characters and use pretend equipment. All of these things can help a child to learn communication, social skills and how to share with others, as well as getting to know the world around them. We offer a range of unique Early Years role play resources which can be adapted to suit what you need.

If you've got a specific budget in mind we can create a design and suggest certain products which will fit within your price range. We even offer sets of equipment which the kids can use for building and setting up their own outdoor playhouses which they can then use for loads of games. If you want to receive more information about how role play equipment can be beneficial to children and their education then please fill in the enquiry form. Our expert team can help you with anything you may need and answer your questions.

National Curriculum Role Play Toys

As part of the National Curriculum, role playing activities allow children to use real world scenarios in imaginative games and learning. This is why it’s important for pupils to take part in these exercises during lessons and play times. You can choose from a number of options including wheeled market stalls, pirate ships, bridges, tipis and story time seating areas.

Activities like this can promote children's understanding of the world by using pretend shops and kitchens. This gives kids an insight into adult life and teaches communication skills, for example if they are playing as a shopkeeper serving customers. There are endless possibilities when using these different toys and sets. Kids are able to decide how they use each item and talk with other to decide who plays which character.

Please contact our specialist team today for more details on prices and specifications for the creative equipment we have available.

Children’s Den Building Kit

Allowing kids to be creative helps them to learn both physical and cognitive skills, particularly when building something that they can then play with. We offer a number of den building kits in different sizes and designs for schools and nurseries. These come with parts like building blocks, interlocking tiles, pegs and sheets which can be put together to build imaginative tents and houses.

When making dens, children need to work together and this develops skills in teamwork and friendship which are very important. This equipment can help to improve communication on the playground and help kids to work together and socialise. OFSTED usually recommend these activities for play times and lessons due to the man benefits they offer for physical and mental development.

School Performance Props 

As well as the den making equipment, other things can be supplied for use in drama and acting performances. These include things like multipurpose stages and props which could be used in conjunction with the other items.

One of the most popular toy sets for imaginative games is a mud kitchen with potion pot sets. This includes a table, bowls and spoons for collecting water, mud and leaves to use in fun pretend kitchen games. These activities are perfect for nursery and primary school aged children as they can participate in make believe games to mimic real life.

Other Design Services We Offer

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