Preschool Playground Designs

Preschool Playground Designs

We offer plenty of products including equipment and floor graphics for nursery play areas so that kids can enjoy fun games as they learn basic skills.

Outdoor Learning Features

Outdoor Learning Features

During early years of development, it's great for kids to take part in imaginative games so they can learn to be creative as well as socialising with others by sharing toys.

Nursery Floor Markings

Nursery Floor Markings

Colourful flooring designs could be installed to an outdoor surface to create fun activities like hopscotch, target throwing and fitness trails where children can play and have fun.

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Nursery Play Area Features

We supply a variety of nursery play area features if you want to create an exciting outdoor space. During children’s early years of development, they should be taking part in lots of cognitive and physical activities. This is to ensure that they are learning all the necessary skills that they will need before starting school. With a fun outdoor space where the kids can take part in lots of games, you can enhance their learning and development.

Please be sure to contact us if you are interested in any products or services we offer. One of our experts will send you some more product details and talk through the costs with you personally.

Playground Equipment Products

Outdoor equipment is one of the most common features that we supply for a nursery play area. This can include many products including jungle gyms, trim trails, role play shops, pirate ships and musical instruments. Depending on how the nursery area features are going to be used, you can choose a bespoke set of products which the kids can enjoy playing with and also learn valuable lessons from.

During EYFS it’s great for kids to be imaginative and creative through active games. Things like playhouses, activity tables, sand pits and towers are perfect for these kinds of games. They allow children to take on different roles and make up their own games while socialising and making friends with others. These are key skills which are hugely beneficial for children going into primary school.

Rubber Safety Flooring

You could have wet pour surfacing installed in a number of distinct colours and have designs like hopscotches installed in order to help with numeracy skills for the nursery children. This is particularly important for young people at Early Years Foundation Stage or in kindergarten who are still developing basic skills. Other graphics like letters, animals and roadways could also be incorporated into a nursery play area wetpour surface for playing different games.

Because the wetpour specification is a safety surface, it is perfect for use around climbing structures and other equipment as a protective flooring. Another method our installers use for developing a dull and lifeless space into something more exciting is to apply thermoplastic markings onto the surface in various designs and shapes. The markings are a wonderful way to improve a facility when just on a small budget due to the overall flexibility of the price ranges.

Nursery Floor Markings

Nursery age children could discover how to connect with others along with other beneficial skills by means of games like snakes and ladders as well as other inventive outdoor playground games. We provide a wide range of educational play markings, climbing systems and other features which can boost the imaginative outdoor playground attributes in the area for example road track markings show children essential skills; also multi-sport facilities promote a lively and healthy lifestyle.

We can install these in various different designs so that kids can enjoy many fun activities. Let us know what sort of floor graphics you are interested in and we will put this together for you.

Supply and Installation Costs

So what are the costs of getting apparatus and flooring put in at your nursery play area? You can find a lot of different factors which affect price for instance, area measurements determines the quantity of materials necessary, the equipment that you would like fitted will even vary the price and some items will demand a much deeper surfacing because of critical fall height.

It’s important to be sure the area remains safe, and that's why we must install the surfacing to match the apparatus' CFH. This is based upon Head Injury Criteria tests (HIC) that takes into consideration the highest fall height of apparatus and the sub-base. The critical fall height doesn’t only take into consideration the overall height of the equipment, but the height where a child would be likely to fall from. For instance, if there was a climbing frame the critical fall height will be calculated from the highest platform the children play on, and not the rooftop covering the structure.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by filling in the quick and simple form on this page. Once we receive your enquiry we’ll get back to you quickly with some further details on the costs of any equipment or surface designs you are looking for, for your nursery.

Preschool Outdoor Learning

For kids who are in preschool or kindergarten, outdoor learning is an important part of their overall development. Many young children find it easier to understand things like numbers and letters if they are taught through games which they enjoy. In addition to this, spending time outside has been proven to improve children’s concentration. Therefore having a well-designed outdoor play space is perfect for nurseries and EYFS groups when teaching fundamental skills to under 5s.

Any features you want to have installed for your preschool can be specially chosen to suit a particular theme with floor surfacing and markings. For example you could decide to have a timber ship with blue wetpour and sea creature graphics surrounding it. You might even choose to have an activity trail where the nursery kids follow a circuit including both physical equipment and instructions through floor graphics and markings. We work to an extremely high quality to fit each of the required certifications for instance BS EN 1177, BS 1177, CHAS and also Constructionline. Safety should always be a main priority with any children’s playground surfacing and features so we take this very seriously in every project.

Unique Nursery Playground Designs

As specialist installers we are able to make use of equipment you already have as well as adding new features to create a good-looking design and style. For example if you've got little stepping stones we're able to fit blue wetpour rubber to generate a water look for the area. This again can increase interactivity along with creative play in a straightforward yet effective way. It is simple enough to transfer boring and lifeless space into a fun and meaningful outdoor area for preschool which encourages active learning in addition to creative games.

Nurseries and EYFS groups have got to meet up with certain standards put down by OFSTED for outdoor learning. Whenever playing outside, this must incorporate the idea of inventive play, physical activity, improving major abilities, making new friends, rule-making, learning from mistakes plus more. Funding streams can give great opportunities for schools to enable them to expand their budget to make sure that their play area suits the criteria laid out by OFSTED and the school.

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