Tuff Tray Installation

Tuff Tray Installation

These trays help children express themselves and their imagination to improve their creative development

Sensory Development

Sensory Development

Help Children learn more about the different feels and textures of certain objects to help develop their senses more

Tuff Tray Specialists

Tuff Tray Specialists

You can use your tray for a whole host of different things, it's important to make the most out of the product to enhance the children's learning

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Tuff Spot Tray Ideas

We can supply a range of tuff spot tray ideas for schools and nurseries. These products have a wide variety of uses when it comes to sensory play and learning about different materials. They are perfect for keeping messy activities contained into the tray, making it easy to clean up afterwards. You could use them for many things including sand play, painting, baking preparation and other arts and crafts activities.

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Tuff Tray Supplier

A tuff spot tray can help to improve a wide array of different skills and abilities, one of the biggest features is the improvement of sensory learning. Tuff spots can be altered in height allowing for it be accessible for all age groups which will help reduce costs as you won't have to purchase more than one or two. Tuff spots allow children to let their imagination go wild, giving them the opportunity to develop the creative side of their mind.

These trays are suitable for a range of role play games as well as active learning with many subjects. It totally depends how you want to use your equipment and the age of the children at your organisation. Whether you are looking to use the tuff spots for specific subjects or for general play activities, they are versatile enough for any purpose.

Creative Learning Products 

We also offer thermoplastic markings that can be installed on to your surfacing which gives it life and a simple method to offer activities for your students to complete. The markings are an incredible way to improve an area when only on a small budget due to the overall flexibility of the prices. You can have conventional games installed as play markings for example snakes and ladders; this encourages inventive outdoor play, which also helps young children discover ways to communicate with one another. We supply a wide range of line markings which can boost the creative outdoor play area attributes of one's area for instance road track line markings teach young people essential skills; also multi-sport courts promote an active and healthful life-style.

Sensory Developments

Tuff trays can be utilized for almost anything, it can act as a handy platform to let children brain storm their ideas. They could arrange toys and figures to help improve their creative process when writing stories or even just having a good time. Filling the tray with various different substances allows them to get a true sensory experience of how different matierals feel without having to take them all around the outdoor area. Allowing children to improve their sensory knowledge is a great way of ensuring that they know how different textures feel and the properties that these textures posses. This can help them improve their overall knowledge of the world and whats in it.

Playground Activity Trays

The possibilities are endless when it comes to these playground activity trays. You can use them for educational games as well as arts and crafts to ensure any mess is kept within the tray. This makes for quick and easy clean up which is perfect for busy schools. Children can take part in a range of sensory activities including sand and water play to develop a better understanding of natural processes.

Different age groups including EYFS children up to 5, and primary school levels KS1 and KS2. The activities can vary greatly from simply feeling and playing with diverse materials to learning about more detailed topics. Teachers can make use of this equipment both inside the classroom and outside on the playground so that kids are able to enjoy a diverse learning environment.

Other Equipment We Offer

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