School Play Area Furniture

School Play Area Furniture

A range of outdoor playground furniture can be supplied for schools, these include tables and chairs, storytelling seating areas, benches and efficient storage units for toys.

Story Time Seating Area

Story Time Seating Area

Wooden seating areas can be supplied to create an outdoor storytelling space for a teacher and group of pupils to enjoy telling stories outside.

Outdoor Play Accessories

Outdoor Play Accessories

Different types of play area furniture and accessories can be used during lessons and break times so the children can take part in a variety of activities.

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School Playground Furniture

If you are looking for primary school playground furniture as well as outdoor storage solutions, we can supply a wide range of products which are perfect for children to use and enjoy.

Depending on what you need, there are a number of features to choose from and each one comes at a great value price. Feel free to contact us for more information on each of the outdoor furniture products we have.

Having places to sit outside is great for improving children's social skills and communication as they have somewhere to relax and chat with each other.

It is also good to take a break from physical activities as some children may not enjoy running around and playing all the time.

Teachers often ask questions like 'How can I improve communication and language on my playground?' and this is one simple way to complete that goal.

What Outdoor School Furniture do we Offer?

Outdoor school furniture is designed to withstand various weather conditions while providing functional and comfortable seating and table options for students and teachers. Here are several types of outdoor school furniture commonly used in educational settings:

  • Picnic Tables: Picnic tables are sturdy tables with attached benches, providing seating for multiple students. They are commonly used in outdoor areas for eating, studying, or group activities.
  • Benches: Benches offer simple seating solutions and can be placed along pathways, in courtyards, or near play areas.
  • Outdoor Classroom Furniture: Outdoor classrooms are equipped with tables and chairs designed for outdoor use, facilitating outdoor lessons and activities.
  • Chairs: Adirondack chairs are low, wide chairs with a slanted back and wide armrests, providing comfortable seating for relaxation and outdoor reading.
  • Shade Structures: Shade structures such as umbrellas, pergolas, or canopies provide protection from the sun, allowing outdoor activities to continue in hot weather.
  • Gazebos and Pavilions: Gazebos and pavilions offer covered outdoor spaces for various activities, including outdoor classes, events, or gatherings.
  • Planter Boxes: Planters are used for gardening activities, allowing students to plant and care for flowers, herbs, or vegetables.
  • Outdoor Storage: Outdoor storage solutions, such as lockers or storage benches, provide space for storing outdoor equipment, sports gear, or gardening tools.
  • Outdoor Whiteboards: Outdoor whiteboards are weather-resistant boards used for outdoor lessons, brainstorming sessions, or artistic activities.
  • Recycling Bins: Outdoor recycling bins help maintain cleanliness in outdoor areas, promoting environmental responsibility.

Some of the most popular school play area furniture products we supply include tables, chairs and benches.

These are often used at both schools and nurseries to create outdoor seating areas where children can sit during break time or lunch time. The tables can be used for playing different games and activities, as well as completing projects in outdoor lessons.

Our products can be used by both adults and children and so are highly practical and a good investment for your facility.

The primary school playground equipment we offer comes in a range of sizes and colours to ensure that you get the furniture that is suitable for your school or facility.

For more information regarding the goods that we offer, please fill in the contact form provided.

Children often find it easier to learn by being in an outdoor environment, particularly when studying things like nature.

The tables and chairs can be used for sitting down to write, and carrying out experiments as part of a lesson. Creativity tables are also popular for primary schools as these come with a number of infills that are each used for a different activity like drawing, tracing and uncovering fossils from sand.

Please contact our team via the enquiry box if you’d like us to send you some more detailed product sheets for all of the school playground goods we supply . We’ll also give you some further information on the costs of this outdoor play equipment as well.

Costs of Outdoor School Furniture

The average cost of outdoor furniture for schools ranges from £100 - £5,000.

The costs of outdoor school furniture can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of furniture, materials used, design complexity, quantity, and supplier.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Furniture for Schools?

Outdoor furniture in schools offers a range of benefits, enhancing outdoor learning environments and the overall well-being of students and staff. Here are several advantages of having outdoor school furniture:

  • Promotes Outdoor Learning: Outdoor furniture creates designated spaces for outdoor lessons, enabling teachers to conduct classes in a natural environment, fostering a deeper connection with nature. Outdoor learning promotes creativity, engagement, and a sense of wonder, enhancing the educational play experience.
  • Encourages Social Interaction: Outdoor furniture provides spaces for students to gather, collaborate, and socialise during breaks, fostering social bonds and friendships. It encourages teamwork, communication, and the development of social skills.
  • Supports Physical Activity: Outdoor furniture offers seating near sports facilities or activity areas, encouraging students to participate in physical activities and sports. It promotes physical fitness, reduces sedentary behaviour, and supports a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enhances Relaxation and Well-being: Comfortable outdoor seating provides students and staff with spaces to relax, unwind, and enjoy the natural surroundings. It reduces stress, enhances mental well-being, and provides opportunities for relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Facilitates Outdoor Events and Activities: Outdoor furniture provides seating and gathering spaces for school events, performances, outdoor classrooms, and extracurricular activities. It enhances the overall experience of school events, making them more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Promotes Environmental Education: Outdoor spaces furnished with ecological elements like bird feeders, planters, and garden benches can serve as educational tools for teaching students about the environment. It fosters environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, and a sense of responsibility towards nature.
  • Encourages Healthy Eating Habits: Outdoor seating near cafeterias or gardens provides students with pleasant areas to enjoy their meals, promoting a positive mealtime experience. It encourages students to eat outdoors, fostering healthier eating habits and social interactions during meal breaks.
  • Creates Inclusive Spaces: Accessible outdoor furniture ensures that all students, including those with disabilities, can comfortably use the outdoor spaces. It promotes inclusivity, allowing all students to participate in outdoor activities and social interactions.
  • Fosters Creativity and Artistic Expression: Outdoor furniture can be used as a canvas for artistic expression, with students creating murals or other artworks on benches, tables, or other outdoor structures. It fosters creativity, provides opportunities for self-expression, and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the school environment.
  • Strengthens School-Community Connections: Outdoor spaces with seating areas can be used for community events, meetings, or gatherings, strengthening the school's ties with the local community. It enhances community engagement, promotes positive relationships between the school and its neighbours, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Outdoor Play Accessories

We are specialist suppliers of a range of outdoor play accessories including versatile storage units and furniture.

If you have a lot of toys and equipment that are used outside by children during play times, some things will probably end up getting lost and damaged.

With designated storage boxes, you can ensure that all the equipment is put away correctly to prevent things from being lost. These units can be supplied in a range of designs and some are multifunctional.

We provide a number of playground storage products including portable carts, plastic containers, sheds and wooden chests. These come in different sizes to accommodate the amount of equipment you need to store.

Other options include multipurpose benches which have storage chests under the seats, hanging bags for smaller items, and play houses which can double up as playground storage solutions.

Our range of School Playground Equipment and outdoor play accessories is great for teaching children how to work with others and share different features in the play area.

What is Playground Furniture?

Playground furniture is the equipment used in schools and facilities, that offer a place for children and adults to sit and place objects.

As the equipment can include chairs and tables it allows a place for people to rest whilst being outside and getting fresh air. Children are able to rest during their break time with these furnishings as well as participate in outside lessons.

We provide timber furnishings which is strong and durable in all weather conditions and can withhold high usage by the public and teachers on a daily basis.

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Other Equipment We Offer

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