Playground Artificial Grass

Playground Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf flooring is often install to children's play areas because it can create safety qualities as well as maintaining a natural appearance.

Recreational Turf Installers

Recreational Turf Installers

For school and nursery gardens, artificial grass is a popular choice because it looks attractive and is easy to look after throughout the year with kids playing on it every day.

School Synthetic Grass

School Synthetic Grass

The artificial grass surfacing is perfect for school recreational areas because it's versatile, durable and can be easily maintained with regular cleaning and simple repairs.

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Playground Artificial Grass

We are School Playground Equipment Limited. and we are specialist suppliers of playground artificial grass for school and nursery facilities.

This comes in a number of specifications depending on budget and design preferences so you can decide on the right surface for your needs.

Taking part in outdoor activities is an important part of children’s development because it encourages physical exercise, social skills and creativity.

Having good quality outdoor play facilities at nurseries and schools is extremely helpful for learning new skills in early years.

You can choose from a wide variety of products to ensure you get the perfect finish for your school or nursery garden.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you’d like some advice about costs for our services. We'll be able to give you a quote for the installation work along with some further details of the specifications.

How much does Playground Artificial Grass Cost?

The average cost of playground artificial grass is £55 per m2 - £100 per m2.

The cost of play area artificial grass playground surfaces can vary widely based on several factors such as the quality of the grass, the type of infill used, the size of the area to be covered, labour costs in your area, and any additional features or customisation required.

To talk about the costs of installing artificial playground astroturf please contact us using the simple form on this page.

Prices will vary depending on the required area size and the type of synthetic carpet you choose, but we can offer a quote to suit whatever you need.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Artificial grass surfaces offer several benefits for playgrounds, making it a popular choice for many primary schools, parks, and public children's play areas. Here are some of the key advantages:


  • Shock Absorption: Artificial grass with a shockpad provides a cushioned surface with a soft landing, reducing the impact of falls and minimizing injuries. This is especially important in play areas where children are often running and playing.


  • High Traffic Resistance: Artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic and play activities without becoming worn or developing bare patches, making it ideal for play areas with high usage.

Low Maintenance:

  • No Mowing or Watering: Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need regular mowing, watering, or fertilising. This saves both time and money on maintenance costs.
  • Easy to Clean: Artificial grass is easy to clean and can be hosed down to remove dirt, debris, and spills. Some types are also designed with drainage systems, allowing water to pass through easily.

All-Weather Use:

  • Year-Round Availability: Regardless of weather conditions, artificial grass can be used year-round. It doesn’t turn muddy in the rain, ensuring a consistent play surface in all seasons.


  • No Pesticides or Fertilisers: Since artificial lawn doesn’t require chemical treatments, it provides a safe environment for children to play without exposure to pesticides or fertilisers.


  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Artificial grass provides a smooth and even surface, making it accessible for children with mobility challenges and those using wheelchairs or mobility devices.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

  • Consistent Appearance: Artificial grass maintains a lush, green appearance throughout the year, enhancing the visual appeal of the play area.
  • Creative Designs: Artificial grass can be customised to create fun and colourful designs, adding an element of creativity to the playground.

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Water Conservation: By eliminating the need for watering, artificial grass contributes to water conservation efforts.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Since there's no need for gas-powered mowers or other lawn care equipment, artificial lawn helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with lawn maintenance.


  • Warranty: Many artificial grass products come with warranties, ensuring the longevity of the playground surface and providing peace of mind to playground owners and operators.


  • Versatile Applications: Artificial grass can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, soil, or decking, allowing for versatile playground designs and installations.

Overall, the use of artificial grass in play areas provides a safe, low-maintenance, and visually appealing environment for children to play and enjoy various activities.

Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing

We install play area artificial grass which can be incorporated into a recreational facility with a range of play equipment.

To make the artificial grass comply as a safety surface we can install a shockpad which reduces the impact of falls.

The synthetic turf carpet creates a natural appearance which is also soft so it prevents injuries if children fall over.

Fake grass is also easier to maintain and look after than natural turf because it doesn’t get muddy or waterlogged in wet weather. This also means that it won’t become slippery or unsafe so the kids can use it all year round.

Equipment like climbing frames, trim trails, storage units and furniture can all be supplied for kids to play with and enjoy as part of a fun outdoor facility.

Recreational Turf Installers

As expert recreational turf installers, we are able to offer our knowledge to help you choose an outdoor flooring design for your play area.

By using a variety of equipment and play structures, children can get involved in educational games and creative play at school or nursery.

These different features provide an exciting environment which is great for improving outdoor learning and social skills among young children.

Whether the facility is for a school, nursery or public play area, astroturf provides an attractive and low maintenance surfacing solution.

With the addition of outdoor furniture, play structures and activity equipment, these areas can be extremely beneficial for EYFS learning.

How to Lay Artificial Grass

Laying artificial grass involves several steps to ensure a smooth and realistic-looking surface. Here's a general guide to help you install artificial grass:

1. Prepare the Surface:

  • Clear the area: Remove existing grass, weeds, rocks, and debris from the area where you plan to install the artificial grass.
  • Level the ground: Ensure the ground is relatively flat and level. Use a landscaping rake to achieve this.
  • Add a base: Lay down a layer of crushed stone or gravel as a base. Compact these layers well using a compactor machine.

2. Install Geitextile Weed Barrier:

  • Lay geotextile weed barrier fabric over the prepared surface to prevent weed growth.

3. Lay a Layer of Sharp Sand:

  • Spread a layer of sharp sand evenly over the weed barrier. This provides a smooth surface for the artificial grass to be laid on.

4. Lay the Artificial Grass:

  • Roll out the grass: Unroll the artificial grass over the prepared surface. Ensure it's positioned correctly with the pile direction facing the desired direction.
  • Trim edges: Cut the edges of the grass using a sharp utility knife to fit the area perfectly.
  • Join multiple rolls: If you have multiple rolls of grass, use jointing tape and adhesive to seamlessly join them.

5. Secure the Edges:

  • Secure the edges of the artificial grass with edging materials. You can use timber, metal, or plastic edging secured with galvanized nails or screws. This helps keep the grass in place and prevents it from shifting.

6. Add Infill (Optional):

  • Some artificial grass installations require infill to add stability and mimic the feel of natural grass. If needed, spread kiln-dried sand evenly over the grass and brush it in using a stiff broom. This helps the grass blades stand upright.

7. Brush and Maintain:

  • After installation, brush the grass with a stiff brush to help the blades stand upright and achieve a more natural look. Regularly brushing the grass will also help maintain its appearance over time.

What is Artificial Grass?

Astrotuf is the flooring that provides a safety feature as it is soft and absorbs falls to reduce injuries.

This type of safety surfacing is made to look like real grass so that it looks natural without having to deal with the upkeep of real grass.

It is impotant that softer flooring is installed in parks and play areas as children are more likely to fall, and so to reduce injuries, it is impotant that deeper sufacing is applied.

It is worthwhile to install this synthetic grass as it porous and allows water to be absorbed so that there is no flooding and no build up of contamination.

Also fake grass can be used all year round, no matter the weather conditions, unlike grass.

If you would like more information about the synthetic turf we offer, please fill out the contact form we have provided.

Good quality play spaces outside help kids to develop a range of skills as they can play interesting games and enjoy interacting with each other.

Time spent in the outdoors also helps children to concentrate more when they are in the classroom, making lessons much more effective.

Choosing to have an artificial surface also makes upkeep much easier as natural turf required regular maintenance and can become waterlogged in wet weather.

Other Surfacing We Offer

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Our artificial grass for playgrounds is hard wearing and long lasting which makes it the perfect solution for a range of outdoor play areas.

In order for children to make the most of play time, it’s recommended to have a fun and engaging outdoor area where they can learn new skills and improve their physical fitness.

This is something the government are trying to improve through funding so that schools can upgrade their playground facilities with new equipment and safety surfacing.

Please contact us today if you would like more information about synthetic turf play areas, or equipment that can be supplied for these areas.

All you need to do is complete the enquiry form with your details and a description of what you need; one of our specialists will get back to you to talk about artificial grass playground surfaces and the costs for installation.

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