Imaginative Playground Features

Imaginative Playground Features

Having imaginative school playground equipment is recommended by Ofsted to encourage children to make up their own fun games and do different activities outdoors.

Outdoor Imagination Equipment

Outdoor Imagination Equipment

We offer a range of imaginative playground features including towers, bridges, houses and roadway markings which can all be used by the children for different games.

Wooden Play Cabins

Wooden Play Cabins

We offer a range of wood cabins and playhouses for schools and nurseries which children can use for different imaginative games and activities.

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Imaginative School Playground Designs

There are many options to choose from when creating imaginative school playground designs [POSTCODE]which are engaging and educational for the children. You might decide to use different types of equipment, have a colourful design incorporated into the play area surface, or have a combination of both. We provide a range of outdoor equipment products as well as specialist surfacing and floor markings at great value prices.

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EYFS Imagination Playground

It is great for children to create their own games using the space around them, this is extremely beneficial for development in EYFS and into primary school as well. Using imaginative play helps the kids to improve their cognitive skills, work with others and become more sociable while having fun and being outdoors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing an EYFS imagination playground, but our team are here to help.

The equipment we offer includes trim trails, bridges, obstacle courses, climbing frames, sand pits and activity tables. Each of these playground features can be used for a number of games and activities that the kids can make up themselves. The climbing structures also allow children to develop their physical literacy and fitness during PE lessons or play times.

Installation of Play Area Graphics

We may install coloured markings and graphics in imaginative school playground designs such as mazes, targets, animals, cartoons and number games. These could be installed in thermoplastic to an existing tarmac surface, or as part of a wetpour rubber safety flooring system. These colourful shapes and patterns are perfect for use in lessons outside and well as fun activities to do during break times. It is totally up to you what you have installed, and the children can even make up games when using them.

Please complete our contact form if you’d like a quote for supplying imaginative playground equipment and flooring designs. We’ll send you over all the information on costs and specifications to help you choose the perfect play area features.

How to Install Thermoplastic Markings

Our expert installers are able to apply the perfect designs for your facility by using thermoplastic and applying heat. To install the markings you should:

  1. Sweep the designated area to remove dirt
  2. Give the surface a light jet wash to get rid of a build up of contamination
  3. Set the thermoplastic in the required design 
  4. Apply heat to the plastic so it melts into the surface 
  5. Allow the material to cool

You may need to occasionally brush the area to remove dirt and contaminants which will allow the graphics to stay bight and vibrant for your playground. This maintenance is simple to carry out and ensure that the facility stays in top condition for as long as possible. Don't hesitate to ask if you need more advice on these cleaning processes.

Children’s Outdoor Imagination Games 

At schools and nurseries it’s important for kids to work together and create different games using imaginative play. These activities are recommended by OFSTED as they are crucial for cognitive development and improving social skills during Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. By having a fun outdoor space where children can enjoy different pieces of equipment and surface markings, you can ensure that lots of imagination games are being played.

Our services range from installing outdoor play structures like climbing frames and towers, laying safety surfacing, applying thermoplastic coloured markings and supplying outdoor toys and storage equipment. Each of these products creates a fantastic outdoor learning environment where children can play together and reinforce lessons learnt in the classroom. Surface markings are extremely popular because they are so versatile and can be used for both physical activities and learning things like numbers and letters.

Other Design Services We Offer

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As experts in the installation of imagination play areas we can advise you on all of the different options. You could choose just to have colourful floor markings, or add a whole host of other features like playhouses, trains, and role play panels. These are all perfect for getting kids to use their imagination and work together to come up with new ideas for games.

Our experts would be glad to advise you on each of the imaginative school playground designs as well as equipment that we can supply. Simply complete our enquiry form to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions on the different products and costs for each one feel free to ask so we can send you all the information you need.


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