EYFS Playground Equipment

EYFS Playground Equipment

For early years children we have a variety of playground features including imaginative equipment, furniture, markings and activity trails.

Early Years Play Area

Early Years Play Area

Younger children can learn a variety of skills from playing outdoors and using different types of equipment, toys and floor markings which offer a number of activities.

Under 5s Play Structures

Under 5s Play Structures

We have many products including climbing towers, bridges, trim trails and balancing beams which can be used separately or as part of a larger obstacle course for schools and nurseries.

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EYFS Playground Equipment

As professional consultants to primary schools and suppliers of EYFS Playground Equipment we specifically design our furniture and equipment. Not only does this help in promoting more active lifestyles, but also helps enhance children’s personal and social development which is crucial to the national curriculum set out by OFSTED. The equipment comes in a range of designs and we can be flexible with our designs to fit your needs.

For further information on the specifications and prices for children's play area equipment, please get in touch with our professional team today. We have a huge range of products which could be supplied and installed as part of an exciting and interactive outdoor games space design.

Under 5s Play Area Design

Our Early Years Foundation Stage equipment is perfectly designed and specified for many primary schools and kindergarten centres. The reason for this is because we don’t just look at trim trails and activity furniture to be used for activity although it is great for this. There is a wide range of climbing structures and creative items which can be supplied as well.

Children under 5 can experience taking safe risks by playing on these pieces of equipment with safety surfacing underneath if they fall. This will naturally start to develop a mixture of physical skills such as balancing, strength, and upper/lower body coordination as they are participating in games using these pieces of apparatus.

Children's Social Skills

As well as balance, strength and body coordination skills being developed in the young learners, OFSTED want us to promote and design furniture for group play activities. For example creating structures which allow the children to be part of teams is great because it encourages interaction with others and helps the children gain communication skills.

As they partake in games with teams their imaginative thoughts can create many more activities which will hopefully enhance their social competence and communication skills. This is going to be very important in later life for work and personal development. The thoughts and great minds can go into fairy tale games, storytelling ideas and all this is looked at in OFSTED ratings.

Costs of EYFS Equipment

Prices can vary for each different product and it completely depends on your budget and what you need. A range of different sizes, shapes and designs are available and these factors all affect the overall costs.

If you want to know more on the costs and prices of any EYFS playground equipment complete the contact form. We will reply back to offer advice, consultancy, designs, specifications, quotes and even maintenance details for everything you might be interested in. Make sure the children have the tools to develop their social skills, be imaginative in their thoughts, able to communicate in groups and be learning while playing outside.

Early Years Foundation Stage Furniture

With regards to the Early Years Foundation Stage Furniture, this may be anything from seating areas and benches to shelters and creative play furnishings. If you allow the play furniture to have the imaginative effect then you will find kids nowadays can spend hours entertained creating their own fun ideas such as den making and building sand castles in the sand pits which could also integrate in being a long jump athletics facility.

If you are serious in looking to transform your early years playground facility then you really need to take a step into how children think – be creative, be imaginative because the young learners have amazing minds so allow them to stimulate their thoughts into activity. Allow kids to follow playground markings on the tarmac through mazes and they will make endless errors but with their minds correcting this they are learning all the time while playing in the fresh air. As we have teamed with many early year practitioners over the years we understand the environments needed to be created for the play areas so the students can meet the OFSTED curriculum.

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Deciding which products are great for the early years foundation stage is hard to explain through an article. However if you fill in the contact form it can be explained much more easily with videos, images, PDFs and details of the products available to you. Some equipment helps children understand and develop their PSED through turn taking and communication.

Play units can be creative to role play as being a supermarket, post office or church so we try to develop all our materials to be open to the imagination and creativity of your younger ones. Request a callback and enquire about the EYFS Playground Equipment today by completing our contact form.


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