Creative School Playground

Creative School Playground

Creativity is an important part of children's development from EYFS up to primary and secondary school, we offer outdoor equipment to develop these skills.

Outdoor Creative Play

Outdoor Creative Play

The equipment we supply for creative play includes activity panels, drawing boards and multi use markings which encourage the kids to use their imagination to create new things.

External Drawing Tables

External Drawing Tables

We supply a number of outdoor drawing tables where children can use chalk and paints to create their own fun designs in vibrant colours and shapes.

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Children’s Creative Activities Playgrounds

We offer a range of equipment for children’s creative activities playgrounds and these can be supplied for nurseries, schools and community parks. The products include fixed play structures, toys, furniture and floor markings which can be incorporated into one overall design, or used separately for different activities. You’ll be able to create a bespoke outdoor play facility using a variety of equipment and surface markings to suit your budget and the kids who will use the area.

These playgrounds can be fully customised for different age groups, incorporating a wide variety of features. For more information about the creative activities for play areas please fill in an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible, answering any questions you may have. 

Engaging Play Equipment 

In EYFS groups, kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools, creative play areas are very beneficial for children’s development as they could make up their own games and play with others in imaginative activities. Things like adventure towers, trim trails and games panels are all commonly chosen for children’s creative playgrounds because the kids can use them for role play activities and developing physical skills.

Other features like performance stages and furniture allow kids to be creative as they can put on shows and make up different games that they want to play while using the equipment. These features can add many benefits to a child's education as it can improve their physical health as well as stimulate their minds through imagination and creativity, which can further the their development. 

Types of Activities

All of the equipment we have available is extremely versatile as things like trim trails, shelters, climbing frames, adventure units and colourful floor markings may be used for lots of different things. They can be used by children in both lessons and during their break times which they can enjoy alone or with friends. The activities done outdoors can even be educational and link to lessons taught in the classroom from the National Curriculum and activities outlined by OFSTED.

Please complete our contact form if you’d like more information on costs of creative activity playgrounds for children at your school, nursery or early years group. These facilities offer a more effective learning environment and there are countless possibilities to choose from when installing the individual features. We will be able to offer you a quote and answer all of the questions you may have.

Creative Outdoor Play Area

If your school or kindergarten playground needs brightening up with some creative outdoor play area designs, we can install a whole host of different solutions. Many outdoor play areas have thermoplastic markings applied to the tarmac, and these come in a range of colourful designs that the kids can use for playing games. Popular activity markings include hopscotch, snakes and ladders, mazes, roadways, animals, numbers and phonics which the children can enjoy during break times and use for educational purposes.

The plastic flooring markings could be installed and used as part of a full play area design with different toys and pieces of equipment. These could include bridges, pirate ships, towers, activity trails and climbing structures. We also offer a range of creativity tables which have changeable infills so they may be used for drawing with chalk, learning numbers and letters, or uncovering fossils from a layer of sand.

School Creativity Games

It’s important to let children be creative in school and nursery so they can develop these skills as well as learning academic subjects and physical literacy. All of the equipment and markings we supply are designed to be versatile, fun and educational for the children, and you can choose products which suit your students. We can help you choose the designs that are suitable to your facility and can work closely with you so you can get the perfect graphics.

There are many benefits to school creativity games being played both inside and outside. Pupils from EYFS, KS1 and KS2 can improve social interaction by playing together and creating new things. A range of equipment is available including painting boards, sand pits and stages which offer a variety of different uses.

Other Design Services We Offer

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