Water Equipment Designs

Water Equipment Designs

This equipment helps to teach children important lessons about the movement of water and how gravity can effect it

Play Equipment Development

Play Equipment Development

These different designs help to massively improve the overall quality of a schools play equipment whilst also ensuring they develop in the necessary ways

Water Designs

Water Designs

We offer a huge range of different designs that are meant to help improve the learning development of children within school

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Water Play Equipment for Schools

We offer water play equipment for schools as well as nurseries and other facilities as we like to help maximise the learning and fun experience children have. We pride ourselves in the huge range of different products that we have available for our clients, we want to make sure that they can take the time to choose the ideal play equipment so that they receive the perfect activities for their facility. We offer water equipment as we believe that this is an exciting and different feature that can be a unique poduct for the school and new experience for the children to interact with.

Playgrounds should have a large array of equipment as each piece can help develop different skills for the pupils. Many schools are now looking to carry out KS1 water play so that pupils can take part in sensory activities and see how the liquid moves with other items. If you would like to learn more about how different pieces of equipment can help children to develop in certain ways then please feel free to contact us using the enquiry form. We would be happy to discuss all of the different products we offer and the prices for each of these.

What is Water Play Equipment?

Water play equipment is a fun and exciting feature that allows children to interact with others whilst involving sensorary activites. As children do not always get the opportunity to enjoy playing with water they may really enjoy this new game as its fresh and unique to them. These items can also help young people's learning as they will learn new objects and be tought about the water cycle. This facility offers the kids a fun time in addition to keeping their minds stimulated by giving them new things to learn. Objects such as boats, cups and  tunnels can be used for fun games and teaching the kids new toys and items. For more information about what water play facilities we have to offer, please fill in the contact form above.

Enhanced Sensory Learning

A great way of helping children to improve and enhance their learning capabillities is by having water equipment at your school. Not only is it incredibly enjoyable for the children but it also helps to teach them a variety of different and useful life skills that ultimately helps improve their overall knowledge. For example using the water equipment it'll help to teach them the different between what floats and what sinks and how that size doesn't have a direct correlation on what sinks and floats.

There could also be a science aspect from using a water table which helps to explain natural processes and the effects of gravity and the difference it can make on water. Not only will it help to improve these different abilities but it will offer a unique type of play that children won't be used to. This falls under the objective of understanding the world as it introduces young kids to these natural processes and how water flows and moves. The equipment will allow them to play with liquids in a safe environment where they won't hurt themselves or get drenched!

Development Play Equipment 

Another method of teaching children important life skills through the use of simple and cost effective equipment is thermoplastic markings. These markings really brighten up a play area while only costing a little bit of money meaning you can be versatile with your spending budget. Young people could figure out how to communicate with each other together with other important abilities by games like snakes and ladders and other inventive outdoor playarea activities. Multipurpose activity courts and pitches additionally promote healthy lifestyles and fun amongst children of all ages with hopes of developing right through to adult years and road-track play markings can make sure young children understand important skills by means of enjoyable plus innovative play.

Water Games Equipment Designs

Water games equipment can also help improve the kids' overall physical development by helping them learn how movement underwater works, and also will develop the feeling of different textures. This not only promotes coordination, control and mobility yet makes the facility capable of providing innovative outdoor play. A basic idea such as this may change a boring and useless space into an opportunity for inventive role-play and even adventurous games when discovering the natural world.

We would like to make certain that each of the playgrounds which are installed match the requirements set up by OFSTED. These include allowing young people to participate in creative-play, improve themselves physically, in addition to enhancing logic and critical thinking skills. Funding streams can provide excellent possibilities for schools and nurseries to allow them to increase their spending budget to be sure that their playground matches the criteria set by OFSTED and the school.

Other Equipment We Offer

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