School Playground Seating

School Playground Seating

We provide seating and furniture for schools in a range of sizes and designs including benches, picnic tables, chairs and storage chests to suit exactly what you want.

Play Area Picnic Benches

Play Area Picnic Benches

Some of the most popular products we supply are picnic benches, and these are available in many different shapes and designs for EYFS nurseries up to secondary school.

Story Time Chairs

Story Time Chairs

Many schools choose to have a set of story time seats where teachers can read to the class in an outdoor space, making these activities more engaging.

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School Playground Seating

We can supply a wide range of school playground seating with many unique designs to choose from. These products are perfect for outdoor areas where children may be taking a break from running around and playing games. They can also be used for having lessons outside, or even as a storytelling area as it creates a more interesting environment. You can select from a number of different seats and benches depending on your budget and the size of your school.

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Picnic Benches for Schools

It is common for schools to have picnic benches outside so that kids can enjoy having some fresh air during lunch time. These items are generally made up of two benches with a table in between, providing the perfect space to eat lunch and chat with friends. We can also provide other designs which have 4 seats around a table, or even bigger 8 seater ones. As well as lunchtimes, these products can be used during outdoor lessons such as art and crafts in order to avoid making a mess in the classroom.

Schools often find many purposes for these versatile pieces of furniture and they can be used by kids of all ages from EYFS up to secondary school. It is important to include a variety of different equipment for school garden areas which are sutiable for KS1 and KS2 activities at primary age. We can provide picnic benches for schools in a variety of designs and prices so you'll be sure to find some which suit your budget.

Storytime Seating

Another popular product is the set of storytime seating which can be used for many different activities. This often comprises of a large chair for a teacher, and smaller chairs or stools for the children to sit on. The teacher can then sit at the front and read a story while the class sits around and listens. Doing this can help children to develop key skills in communication, literacy and understanding the world. Ofsted look for things like this when carrying out inspections so it's an important thing to think about. These are also available in many designs so you can choose the products that suit your playground the best.

If you want to use this kind of school playground seating for other activities along with reading stories, it is also perfect for conducting lessons outside. Getting fresh air is a great way to improve children's concentration, and being outside of the classroom environment also makes lessons more engaging.

Timber Outdoor Seats

Our range of timber outdoor seats is ideal for school playgrounds as they are durable and fit well into the existing environment. These could be placed onto grass areas in addition to tarmac play surfaces and other external spaces. It's important for kids to have somewhere to sit and relax if they have been running around and playing physical games. Some children also prefer to spend break times chatting quietly or playing other games, so these seating areas are ideal for this as well.

Don't hesitate to contact our team today if you'd like to find out more about this timber school playground seating. We can discuss your budget and help you choose the perfect products for your exterior space.

Wooden Nursery Bench

One of the most popular outdoor furniture items that we provide is a simple wooden nursery bench. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes for children of different ages and can be placed in many areas around the playground. These can help to improve communication and language as kids have somewhere to sit and talk with each other during lunch times and breaks. They could also be used in role play activities as props and for plenty of other games.

Nurseries often choose to have these items for children in the EYFS stage as they are useful for imaginative play and helping kids to make friends. This is the same for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils as well. It is also good to have somewhere on the play area to sit down and take a break from playing physical games. We supply these different features in a selection of designs, sizes and colours to suit your preference.

Storage Play Area Seating

If you are looking for an effecient way to store toys and playground equipment, we have many options when it comes to storage play area seating. These can include benches and seats which lift up and have chests underneath meaning you can store a range of items. Having this kind of product is great for keeping the play area tidy and also teaching kids to clear away equipment when it's not in use. We supply these in a number of sizes and designs to suit your budget and exactly what you need.

Other Equipment We Offer

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