School Sun Canopy

School Sun Canopy

We offer a wide range of different canopies to ensure that our clients get the ideal design for their needs

Canopy Installation

Canopy Installation

Canopies can allow children the opportunity to learn outside in a brand new environment

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Canopies offer a great place for children to relax when the weather is either too hot or too cold to play outside in

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School Canopies

It is common to install school canopies to provide shade and shelter on the playground.

At School Playground Equipment Limited we offer a large range of different products and services all of which are designed to help you get the most out of your facility.

We offer a high quality range of canopies and qe can guarantee that you get the best quality product at and affordable and fair price!

These covers that we have to offer are versatile and adjustable to meet your required needs and can be flexible to be suitable to your designs.

If you would like to learn more about the various different products and services we have on offer then please feel free to use the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Types of School Canopies

There are several types of canopies designed specifically for schools, providing shelter and enhancing outdoor spaces for various educational and recreational activities. Here are some common types of school canopies:

  • School Playground Canopies: These outdoor play canopies are installed over school playgrounds, providing shade and protection from the sun. They create comfortable outdoor play areas, enabling students to enjoy outdoor activities even in hot weather.
  • Outdoor Classroom Canopies: These canopies are used to create outdoor learning spaces and encourages outdoor learning. They can be equipped with seating, whiteboards, and other educational tools, allowing teachers to conduct classes in an outdoor environment.
  • Entrance Canopies: An entrance canopy is installed over school entrances, these canopies offer shelter to students, staff, and visitors during arrivals and departures. They protect against rain and provide a welcoming entry point to the school.
  • Covered Walkways: Walkway canopies connect different buildings or areas within the school campus. They provide covered areas and paths for students and staff, protecting them from the elements as they move from one place to another.
  • Bike Shelter Canopies: These canopies are designed to cover bike racks, providing shelter for bicycles and encouraging cycling to school. They protect bikes from rain and sun, promoting eco-friendly transportation.
  • Waiting Area Canopies: Waiting area canopies are often placed near school bus stops or parent waiting areas. They offer protection to students and parents while waiting for buses or during pickup times.
  • Covered Outdoor Dining Area: A dining canopy can be installed over outdoor dining areas, providing a pleasant outdoor space for students to have meals. These covered outdoor dining areas protect against sun and light rain, allowing students to enjoy meals outdoors.
  • Sports Canopies: For schools with outdoor sports facilities, canopies can be installed over seating areas, allowing spectators to watch sporting events comfortably regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Garden Canopies: Schools often have gardens for educational purposes. Canopies over these areas provide shade and shelter, creating a conducive environment for gardening and outdoor lessons.
  • Storage Canopies: Canopies with secure walls can be used as storage spaces for outdoor equipment, sports gear, or other materials. They protect stored items from weather damage.
  • Parent Waiting Canopies: Installed near pick-up areas, these canopies offer shelter to parents waiting for their children, ensuring a comfortable waiting experience.

Canopies for Schools Prices

The cost of canopies for schools can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of playground canopy, size, materials, design complexity, installation requirements, and additional features. Here are some factors that can influence the price of a school canopy:

  • Type of Canopy: There are various types of canopies, including timber canopies, tensile fabric canopies, metal canopies, and polycarbonate roof canopies.
  • Size: Larger canopies naturally cost more than smaller ones. The size of the playground canopy will depend on the area it needs to cover, whether it's for timber classrooms , playgrounds, walkways, or other purposes.
  • Materials: The choice of materials significantly impacts the cost. High-quality, durable materials will be more expensive upfront but might offer long-term savings due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Design Complexity: Custom designs or complex architectural features can increase the price. Canopies with intricate designs, curves, or unique structural elements often cost more than standard, simple designs.
  • Installation Requirements: The complexity of installation, including site preparation, foundation requirements, and accessibility, can affect the overall cost. If the installation site requires extensive preparation work, the cost will be higher.
  • Additional Features: Features such as integrated lighting, heating, gutter systems, and decorative elements will add to the cost of the school canopy.
  • Local Regulations: Local building codes, permits, and regulations can affect the school canopy cost. Ensuring compliance with local regulations might require additional work or modifications, impacting the final price.
  • Supplier and Location: Different suppliers might offer varying prices based on their overhead costs, quality of materials, and level of expertise. Additionally, prices can vary based on the location and associated labour costs.

Due to these variables, it's challenging to provide specific pricing information without detailed project specifications. It's advisable to consult with school playground canopy suppliers or contractors who specialise in school installations.

We can assess the specific requirements of your school, consider the factors mentioned above, and provide you with a detailed and accurate price quote for the school canopy project.

Benefits of School Canopies

School canopies offer a wide range of benefits to students, staff, and the school community as a whole. Here are some key advantages of installing canopies in primary and secondary schools:

  • Outdoor Learning: Canopies create outside spaces that can be used for educational purposes. Teachers can conduct classes, storytelling sessions, and various educational activities in the fresh air, enhancing the outdoor learning experience.
  • Extended Learning Areas: Canopies effectively extend the usable outdoor space of a school. Outdoor classrooms, study areas, or additional outdoor dining spaces can be created, accommodating more students comfortably as there is more space.
  • Encouraging Outdoor Activities: Canopies create inviting spaces, encouraging students to engage in physical activities, social interactions, and recreational games. This promotes physical health and well-being.
  • Shelter from Weather: Canopies provide protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain, sun, and snow, allowing students to stay dry and comfortable during inclement weather and providing shade during sunny days.
  • Sun Protection: Canopies with UV-resistant materials provide UV protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage for students and staff.
  • Improved Focus and Concentration: Fresh air and natural light provided by outdoor spaces can enhance students' focus and concentration, positively impacting their academic performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Canopies can also contribute to energy efficiency by providing shade sail to buildings, reducing the need for air conditioning during hot weather, and thereby lowering energy costs.
  • Enhanced School Aesthetics: Well-designed canopies can enhance the overall aesthetics of the school environment, making it more visually appealing for both students and visitors.
  • Promotion of Well-being: Outdoor spaces with canopies provide a serene environment, promoting relaxation and reducing stress for students and staff. Spending time in nature has been linked to improved mental and emotional well-being.
  • Community Engagement: Canopy-covered outdoor areas can serve as community spaces for events, meetings, and gatherings. Schools can engage with parents and the local community, fostering a sense of togetherness.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Canopies can be designed using eco-friendly materials. Additionally, utilising outdoor spaces more efficiently can reduce the need for constructing new buildings, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Teaching Space: Canopies can serve as visual aids. Teachers can hang educational posters, artwork, or projects on the canopy walls, making learning resources easily visible to students.
  • Encouragement of Active Transportation: Wall mounted canopies over bike racks or waiting areas can encourage students and parents to use bicycles or walk to school, promoting active and eco-friendly modes of transportation.
  • Educational Opportunities: Canopies can be incorporated into science, art, or environmental studies lessons, providing students with hands-on outdoor learning experiences related to canopy structures, materials, or sustainable design.

Canopy Installation Experts

One of the most popular products that we have on the market are school canopies covers that can help cover busy walk ways or terraces.

These help to stop the weather from causing issues at your primary school or high school site, be it hot weather or wind and rain.

These are found all over the country in schools that cover walkways between classrooms to help pupils and teachers to avoid getting caught in the rain between lessons.

These covers also help children have the opportunity to learn outdoors which allows for them to have more exciting lessons instead of being indoors all day regardless of weather.

Shade and shelter is important in making sure outdoor learning and activities can still continue and pupils will be safe.

Not only are the covers weather resistant they are also strong and durable and can withhold a lot of usage.

As we are school canopy installation experts we only install high quality canopies that are long lasting, this means that they can be a good investment for your facility as they last a long time.

Child Development 

Canopies can help improve the overall quality of your educational facility significantly, making it look far more appealing for parents and students alike.

These outdoor shelters can be used as outdoor classrooms all year round saving on space and adding a new dynamic to your institution.

This helps offer learning opportunities to the students that they otherwise wouldn't be able to acquire.

These canopies come in all shapes and sizes and can specified and designed to suit your needs.

For example if your facility has a colour scheme or school colours, then you can have your canopies designed in this scheme to help improve the general aesthetics of the facility.

Many headteachers are looking for 'ways to improve imaginative play on my playground' and these products can offer a solution to this.

Kids can use the sheltered areas as an imaginary house or make up their own games using the shaded space.

Activities like this help to boost creativity and allow children interact with each other socially. Educational lessons can also be taught in these areas as kids can explore the outdoor environment and discover more about the natural world.

Playground Shelter Specialists

Rather than just offering refuge from the rain, all of the canopies we offer are UV resistant.

During the hot summer days this offers a place for children to relax during break time out of the way of the Sun's harmful rays. It also acts as the perfect outdoor summer classroom helping to cut down on expensive school air conditioning bills.

Allowing the children an opportunity to learn in a new environment helps to create a positive relationship with education, keeping it fresh and exciting for them ensuring that any lessons they may have don't appear stagnant or boring.

We can also offer a range of different covers for your facility, whether they are rounded, square or rectangular.

The school playground canopy can also be supported by a number of different frames including timber, plastic or steel. Depending on the size and location of your school canopy you may want a different specification.

Our design team and skilled installation team can work closely with you so that you can choose the right playground canopy feature for you and your school.

Where do we Install Outdoor Canopies?

We install canopies at a range of facilities throughout the UK. The most popular places in the education sector that we install outdoor canopies are below:

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School awnings and outdoor canopies for schools are very popular type of product that we can install for you.

If you would like more information regarding the construction process and installation of a playground canopy then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can fill out a contact form above where one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your new canopy.

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