Playground Inspection Specialists

Playground Inspection Specialists

If your school or nursery play area requires an inspection to check the safety and quality, we offer specialist consultancy services for equipment, surfacing and other features.

Recreational Surface Consultants

Recreational Surface Consultants

Regular checks should be carried out to look at the overall quality of playground surfaces and apparatus, we can complete annual assessments and also offer help with repairs.

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Playground Inspection Services

With any children’s play facility it’s important to ensure that the area is completely safe. This is why we advise having regular playground inspections done to check equipment, surfacing and other features. By doing this you can find any problems or damage and then apply maintenance to rectify it. We offer a number of consultancy services to inspect and assess different types of playgrounds for the required safety standards.

Please contact our team of specialists if you need some advice regarding testing for children’s recreational facilities. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and talk you through the costs for various maintenance and repair work.

Types of Inspections

There are several different types of playground inspection services which can be carried out by site staff or external consultants according to RoSPA standards. These must be done for all parts of the recreational area including equipment, fencing, surfacing, furniture and any other features. Routine inspections are done on a regular basis to check for any recent damage through vandalism or general wear and tear. The frequency of these checks will vary depending on the dimensions on site and how often it is used, but once a week should be set as a minimum.

Your own staff can carry out an operational inspection for a more detailed look into the workings of the apparatus to check if any repairs or spare parts might be required. Annual inspections follow the most thorough procedures for testing safety and should be done by an independent consultant. This process looks at risk assessments, long term wear, structural stability, vandalism and design practice. The overall aim is to ensure complete satisfaction with the quality of any play features and safety flooring like wetpour.

If you have any questions with regards to playground consultancy and testing, please feel free to complete our enquiry form today. One of our experts will get back to you with more details on site surveys and any repair maintenance you might need.

Play Area Safety Testing 

It is vital to complete safety testing for play area facilities in any school, nursery or public play space to make sure all necessary requirements are met. These tests will typically be done to BS EN 1176 standards through an assessment on the whole facility including equipment, furniture, perimeter fencing and recreational flooring. We offer specialist testing services for each of these features so feel free to speak to us if you’d like some help.

Safety Flooring installation

For children’s recreational facilities , a number of safety flooring designs can be installed. One of the most popular specifications is EPDM rubber wetpour which provides an impact absorbing landing surface. We are able to complete tests for this surfacing to be certain it meets the correct Critical Fall Height for any climbing structures in the area. Other assessments like slip tests can also be carried out to ensure full compliance for use in wet weather. Once play area tests have been completed for surfacing or equipment, it’s vital to implement a regular maintenance schedule. This can be determined by the test results so you’ll know you are applying appropriate cleaning and repair works. Our team can complete a professional maintenance service including repairs and spare parts for a range of playground features.

Other Services We Offer

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Please be sure to get in touch with us if you need some professional advice regarding play equipment and surfacing inspections at your facility . Our services will vary for each site but we can offer you a price for both consultancy and maintenance of different features.


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