Timberline Equipment Maintenance

Timberline Equipment Maintenance

We carry out specialist maintenance and repairs for a number of Timberline products at school, kindergarten and nursery facilities to ensure each piece of equipment is completely safe.

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Timberline Equipment Repair

Many kids’ play areas have Timberline products installed to create an interactive outdoor space which can be used for loads of games. We offer specialist repair services for this equipment to ensure each part is working safely.

With continuous heavy use, timber play structures can sometimes sustain areas of damage or become worn out and in need of replacement.

This could potentially lead to health and safety issues if the problems aren’t dealt with quickly. Please get in touch with our team for some more advice about the maintenance work we are able to provide.

What is Timberline Equipment?

Timberline Equipment is the playground features that are strong and durble through high usage from children. We can create a wide range of school equpiment such as climbing frames, shelters and buildings that can be located in parks, schools and childrens facilities.

The fun-areas are made with timber which means they are weather resistant and strong no matter how large the usage may be. 

Repair Services

We have completed Timberline equipment repair for many different products at schools, Early Years groups and public parks. Some of the most popular wooden playground features include climbing towers, bridges, walkways, slides, adventure trails and many other options.

These are perfect for helping children to develop fundamental motor skills whilst enjoying a fun activity in an outdoor area. If you experience any problems with these products, we will be able to assess the issue and apply the correct repairs or spare parts.

It is unsurprising that any type of outdoor play area feature can become damage and worn over time, particularly when used every day by lots of children. We would usually recommend that you have routine inspections done to check the safety of your equipment and recreational surfacing so you can be sure it’s not hazardous.

Please speak with a member of our expert team today by filling in your details through our quick and easy contact form. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible with some more information on the prices for Timberline equipment repair services.

Play Area Maintenance Specialists

As our team of specialists have worked at numerous facilities carrying out play area maintenance, we have gained a lot of experience over the years.

Timberline have manufactured and supplied countless products for primary schools, nurseries and community parks. We think it’s vital that these are well looked after to ensure they are completely safe for children to use. Many facilities also have some sort of safety surfacing installed surrounding any climbing structures.

This will often be a surface like wetpour or rubber mulch as these are designed to cushion the impact if a child falls. We would always recommend having an impact absorbing surface applied beneath any tall equipment to provide a softer landing and prevent injuries.

Maintenance of these flooring types can also be carried out by our experts to ensure the whole playground environment is kept in top condition.

Interactive games spaces are becoming much more popular in nurseries and educational facilities because they allow children to learn while enjoying fun games and activities. With a well-designed outdoor area which is looked after properly, kids have a better chance of taking in new information and having fun by being active.

This is extremely beneficial for both cognitive and physical growth in children from as young as EYFS and up to secondary school level. Schools and nurseries which offer outdoor spaces like this are often rated well by OFSTED as they are creating a place for active learning as well as fun and games.

Other Services We Offer

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If you are in need of any spare parts, replacements or new school playground equipment we can supply a number of products including canopies, climbing nets and tower slides. Please get in touch with us to talk through the costs if you need some advice on Timber equipment repair or maintenance .

Our team at School Playground Equipment Ltd would be happy to answer any questions you have as well as providing a quote for the work you need us to carry out.

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