Trim Trail Surfacing

Trim Trail Surfacing

Timber trim trails are often installed at schools and we can supply specialist safety flooring to go around a trim trail area so the kids will be protected from injury.

Activity Trail Surfaces

Activity Trail Surfaces

Safety surfaces like wetpour and rubber mulch can be installed with activity trail equipment to create impact absorbing properties which prevent injury.

Play Equipment Flooring

Play Equipment Flooring

There are lots of play equipment structures that can be installed at schools and parks, and the different types of flooring create the complete facility.

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Trim Trail Surfacing

For children’s playgrounds, trim trail surfacing can often be found with activity equipment and play structures. This type of outdoor flooring is usually designed to add extra safety qualities in case a child falls when playing or climbing on equipment. It can come in a few different specifications depending on the type of play area you want to create and the budget you have. We can even add colourful designs with educational activities that the kids can use for developing many important skills.

Our specialists will be happy to talk to you about the costs of each surface type and come up with a quote that suits you. Feel free to complete our contact form if you need some more information on the prices and specifications that can be supplied.

What is Trim Trail Surfacing?

Trim Trail Surfacing is the ground underneath the playgound equipment that acts a safety feature to soften the fall if children are to tumble off. The flooring is made of either EPDM wetpour, rubber mulch or atificial grass which is all softer than tarmac and so if they do trip or fall, less injuries will occur. This form of flooring is very popular in areas where people are more likely to fall such as parks and schools. Soft sufacing is compulsary in these locations due to the Critical Fall Height which involves having a deeper surface if the equipment is taller, as this reduces the injuries to the kids. For more infomation about the CFH or the assault course surfacing please dont hesititate to get in touch.

It is popular for school playgrounds to have this type of flooring installed around climbing frames and other structures. The overall design can be completely customised in terms of colours, area sizes and shapes to suit your budget and what is needed. Simply let us know how you would like the facility to look and the safety qualities required so we can create this for you.

Surface Specification

Some of the most popular types of trim-trail-surfacing include rubber mulch, EPDM wetpour and artificial grass carpet. The rubber mulch specification creates a natural appearance which goes well with timber playground equipment and obstacle courses. This flooring type also provides impact absorption so it will prevent injuries if a child falls when they’re playing on the activity course. Wetpour rubber safety surfacing is a very popular choice for playgrounds and it can be installed in a variety of bright colours. It is also a safe flooring option as it contains a shockpad underneath the coloured EPDM to reduce the risk of injuries.

Each of these flooring specifications can be used to create trim trail surfacing in school playgrounds, public parks and recreational areas. Plenty of options are available if you want to create a bespoke facility with interactive graphics and colourful shapes. Feel free to contact one of our team today as we are expert installers of these surfaces, simply fill in the enquiry box and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with all the information you need on costs and design options.

Activity Trail Surfaces 

There are lots of different products that can be installed with the activity trail surfaces to create an exciting obstacle course or play feature that kids will love. Having these facilities in school playgrounds is a great way for kids to improve their health and physical fitness by being more active while having fun as well. The equipment can come in a huge range of different designs to suit children of all ages so they can develop fundamental skills. Trim trails and climbing structures are perfect for improving balance, coordination and motor skills during PE lessons or play time.

The rubber and artificial grass activity trail surfaces are designed to create an attractive appearance and be functional as they provide cushioning to prevent against any injuries. During EYFS it’s important for children to develop fundamental skills through a range of different activities, so having versatile play equipment is great for this. Please speak to a member of our experienced team if you’d like to find out more about costs of installing assault course surfacing at your school.

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