Schools Outdoor Timber Classrooms

Schools Outdoor Timber Classrooms

We offer a range of designs for timber classrooms that are commonly installed for schools and used as external learning areas in lessons and break times.

External Wooden Classroom

External Wooden Classroom

Having an outdoor learning space is great because it means kids can do activities outside in all weather conditions, and the designs are customisable to suit each different school.

Timber Learning Area

Timber Learning Area

For subjects like science where the kids are doing experiments and looking at the outside environment, a timber classroom is a useful feature to have as a learning space.

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Schools Outdoor Timber Classrooms

As we are the specialist contractors for Schools Outdoor Timber Classrooms in the UK we can guarantee you the best rates on whatever your design. We offer high quality outdoor learning facilities that are durable and long lasting throughout all weather conditions. With the Timber classrooms we provide, you can transform your outside areas to a new fun space where the children can learn in a new environment. The designs we offer can vary to fit your requirements and we may work closely with you to find the shelter you are looking for. If you fill out the contact form we are able to send you previous designs, offer advice and talk you through best solutions for your playground to make sure this meets all your needs, is delivered on time and stays within your budget.

What are Outdoor Timber Classrooms?

Outdoor learning facilities are places in which children can have a change of environment to learn and study. If kids are in a new location whilst they study it can lead to a more stimulated mind and can massively improve their studies and results. Our timber shelters offer a warm and inviting area to parents also, whilst they wait for their kids and can give them a place to sit and talk to others. Our large range of External Timber Classroom for Schools or education centres enable your pupils to learn outside no matter what the weather is. The outdoor wooden classrooms are now designed to act as much more than just an external learning area as they are also perfect for sheltering mums and dads whilst waiting for their sons or daughters to finish school. If the kids have extracurricular events on then the parents are sheltered from the rain or sun so this is a perfect solution for a multitude of uses. 

All of our premium outdoor timber classroom materials are sourced only from the best manufacturers and built to last with full compliance with current building regulations. We can help design, construct and maintain these pieces of equipment. Dealing with thousands of schools every year we understand an off the shelf design is not always perfect. We may tailor our designs to fit your budgets and to fit the sizes and dimension restrictions your area might have.

Wooden Classroom Costs 

Asking how much it costs for a School External Wooden Class Room is like asking the costs to purchase a car. This boils down to a number of factors with regards to sizes, shape, location and whether you require safety surfacing with the installation of these external shelters. By filling in the contact form we can provide options and solutions to fit your needs because classrooms might vary in dimensions depending on whether it is for EYFS, Key Stage One kids, Key Stage Two children and young learners in primary schools.

Outdoor Learning for Schools

It can be extremely effective to give lessons in an outdoor environment as this makes it more fun and engaging for the children. In many cases, OFSTED recommend schools having external areas which can be used for different activities both during lessons and in break times. The wooden classrooms allow pupils to get fresh air and provide opportunities for outdoor shelter and play and lunch time as well.

The added benefits of letting the young learners be taught outside have been proven in many schools and nurseries. When learning outside, kids trigger a different thought process and for early years and primary school children this is a key part to the curriculum along with being involved in play and activity. The EYFS centres are receiving funding on these gazebos and shelters because they can also be used by community groups for things like Weight Watchers events. Funders within the UK look to pay for these outdoor timber class rooms, simply because it is giving people better chances in life, improving the environment, bringing the community together and promoting healthier lifestyles in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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