Play Area Gym Equipment

Play Area Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym machines are installed in children's play areas as they can be used to improve physical activity levels during PE lessons at school and in extracurricular clubs.

Children's Outdoor Play Gym

Children's Outdoor Play Gym

Different products like treadmills, weight benches, cross trainers and pull up bars can all be installed to the outdoor play gym that the children use.

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Play Area Gym Equipment

The use of play area gym equipment is becoming more common in schools as it helps children to improve their fitness levels in the fresh air through a number of activities. Each of the different fitness machines we offer for outdoor areas can be supplied at a great value price so feel free to contact us for more information on the costs. Depending on the types of products you choose, the outdoor activity features and trails could be used by children from EYFS groups, primary schools and up to high school age.

Most types of gym machines are used by older children in high schools during PE lessons or break times. These products are ideal for promoting physical development and fitting in with OFSTED guidelines for outdoor activities and fitness.

What is Playground Gym Equipment?

Playground gym equipment is the sports facilities that we offer to improve the fitness of children and encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle. The equipment allows childen a free way of exercising with their friends whilst having fun. When it appears to be fun, kids will want to continue the activity and therefore will impove their fitness levels. This equipmen is common for older children that have more stength however it does still appeal to younger kids that want to play. You can often find our apparatus in local play parks however we do offer our services to many clients including schools and sporting facilities. To find out more about the playground gym apparatus, please fill in the contact form provided. 

What are the Benefits of Gym Machines?

Lots of children do not get enough exercise or physical activity and this can sometimes be made worse by a lack of facilities in schools. With play area gymnasium apparatus, the kids can take part in a number of activities using different machines to target skills like core fitness, strength and balance. We can supply products like treadmills, exercise bikes, benches and weight machines which are all perfect for outdoor use. These may be used during PE lessons as part of the standard curriculum, or the children can use them during break times and after school fitness clubs. By having these playground exercise machines available, the kids have a better opportunity to improve their health and fitness with regular exercise.

It’s great to give kids an opportunity to use exercise equipment outside so they can develop their physical literacy and fitness while they’re at school. A number of outdoor activity machines can be installed to your school playground so feel free to get in touch with us if you need more information on the costs for each piece of equipment. We’ll send you all the details and give you a quote for installing the exercise features.

Children’s Outdoor Play Gym

If you are interested in having a children’s outdoor play gym installed at your school, we can give you all the information on different features and pieces of equipment that can be supplied. This means you’ll be able to create your own bespoke facility with everything you need. Some of the external fitness machines you can have include treadmills, fixed bikes, weight resistance machines, pull up bars and balancing beams. These are all great for developing fundamental skills like strength, core fitness, agility and balance.

An activity trail with gymnasium machines could also be set up for your children’s playground, these have climbing structures, bars, rope bridges, stepping logs, tunnels and any other features you would like. There are a number of designs and combinations that we supply for school play areas and public park facilities. We understand that everyone has a different budget so the costs and designs can be adjusted to suit your requirements. OFSTED recommend that you have a range of outdoor activity areas for the kids to use and enjoy, so these play area gym machines could be a great addition to a standard playground.

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