Playground MUGA Surfacing

Playground MUGA Surfacing

Schools often have multi use games areas surfaced in Multisport synthetic carpet which is perfect for playing lots of different sports and games during lessons and break times.

Multi Activity Play Area

Multi Activity Play Area

These areas are designed to have different sections that can be used for individual games and team activities that the children will enjoy playing at school.

School MUGA Flooring

School MUGA Flooring

We can supply these specialist surfaces with extra equipment like goal ends and activity panels that can all be used for different games and sports.

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Playground MUGA Surfacing

We offer a range of range of playground MUGA surfacing options for schools and nurseries so your pupils can have fun playing lots of different games. These multi use facilities can be designed and installed to suit your budget, outdoor space and the games you want to use it for. The MUGA allows many games to be played in one area which could be perfect for facilities that have a smaller budget or a smaller surface area.

One of our experts will be happy to help you come up with a design for your recreational surface and offer you a quote for the work.  Just complete the contact box on this page to get in touch today and we'll reply back with all the information you need.

What are MUGAs?

A MUGA is a multi use games area which allows a number of activities to be played in one area. Multiple lines are applied in one area including football, netball and tennis however more can be added if you wish. The surface for a MUGA vary depending upon the sports you plan on playing. The surfaces could include tarmac, wetpour or synthetic grass which you can choose from however some may be more suited to your facility depending on the sort of people that will be using the space. For more information about what MUGAs are, feel free to complete the enquiry form provided. 

Not only do we carry out the installation process of multi use games area surfaces, but we can also keep up with regular maintenance and repairs if necessary. This may be needed after a long period of heavy use, weathering and vandalism. The upkeep will be important to stop the build up of contamination and futher damage to the surface and so we offer a service which could be cost saving in the future. For more information about the repairs, upkeep, cleaning that we provide please contact us so we can send over futher information and prices. 

MUGA Specification 

Primary schools will often have a MUGA facility built in Multisport synthetic carpet because this is one of the most versatile specifications. It is a durable artificial turf which comes in a variety of colours so you can create a vibrant design that is exciting for the children. This recreational MUGA surfacing is made up of a curly yarn carpet and has a sand infill applied throughout the add stability and enhance the performance qualities. If you have an existing tarmac play area surface, the Multisport synthetic carpet may be laid straight onto this to create a more efficient installation process.

If you are thinking of having playground activity surfaces installed at your school, please get in touch with us to talk about a quote and design for the work. These can be designed for use with the EYFS curriculum along with KS1 and KS2 games and sports. All you have to do is send us your details and a brief description of what you need by filling in the contact form so we can answer your questions and send you a price.

Multi Activity Play Area 

If you’re looking to create an exciting outdoor space that is engaging and fun for kids, a multi activity play area is a great option because it can be used for so many different things. The Multisport synthetic carpet has the right playing qualities for sports like football, tennis, basketball, netball and lots of other games. Schools often choose to have the surfacing installed with different coloured squares and sections so that each part can be used for separate games and activities if children are playing individually or in smaller groups.

You can completely customise the design of the playground surfacing so it suits what you want and fits the outdoor space you have available. These facilities are very beneficial for children as they encourage participation in sports and physical activities. Outdoor areas like this are commony recommended by OFSTED for improving active play and physical development in schools due to their versatility. Members of the local public can even use the playground MUGA surfacing outside of school hours to help improve health and activity for more people.

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