Nest Swing Equipment

Nest Swing Equipment

We offer a large range of different designs and specifications to our clients to make sure they have access to the ideal piece of equipment for their needs

School Playground Swings

School Playground Swings

All of the different pieces of equipment that we have on offer are specified to make sure they are completely safe for the children using it

Nest Swing Suppliers

Nest Swing Suppliers

All of the different swings that we install are all specified to make sure that they are completely safe for usage whilst also offering a fun product

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Nest Swing With Frame

We can supply a nest swing with frame for a range of outdoor facilities which children can enjoy using. Playgrounds help children relax and enjoy themselves whilst in school through playing different games and having the opportunity to exercise. This also encourages children to make friends with others as they can help work as a team and also finds something that they have in common. If you would like to learn more about the different products and designs that we have readily available to all of our clients then please make sure to use the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can with the necessary information you require.

These swings are perfect for providing fun activities in schools, nurseries and public play areas. Kids can use them on their own or share them with others in order to develop social skills and communication.

Play Equipment Installers

We offer a huge range of different playground products that includes a nest swing with frame. This product provides a new aspect on swings to help create an exciting new product. The piece of equipment follows the same principles of a regular swing however rather than being a seat, it acts more of a cradle for the user - hence the term nest swing. This allows for children to get completely in it making the facility a lot more safe as it reduces the chance of anyone slipping out and hurting themselves. It can also hold up to two children at one time which means that you can make the most of your space.

Safety Approved Swings

Play area safety surfacing is subjected to testing to BS EN 1177 and BS 1177 and is CHAS, Constructionline and API certified. We analyze all the various playground equipment that we fit to find the measurements of flooring necessary plus the depth needed to match the fall height. We make sure to frequently test outdoor play surfacing to ensure that they are nontoxic and are not hazardous for children to play on, we additionally test slip resistance and how fire retardant the facility is. If equipment within an area doesn't have a fall height it's possible to install a surface which improves the look of a particular area and therefore improves the over-all environment.

Specifications And Designs

Safety is our biggest concern when installing these various pieces of aparatus, we want to make sure that there are no chances of kids getting injured due to unsafely designed equipment. The nest swing frame can be made from either sturdy timber or steel to help ensure that there are no chances of the framing collapsing due to excessive weight. Due to the robust nature of this product they are extremely popular in public play parks as they will withstanding a great deal of usage or any potential vandalism that could occur. The products that we offer don't stop at nest swings, and we have many other options available if you are looking for something else.

Playground Specialists 

We offer many unique designs, as an example if a play area has low-level stepping-stones a school or nursery may decide to get blue wetpour installed around it to create the perception of running water. This helps to promote innovative play for the students being sure that they discover different skills in an exciting way. A simple idea like this changes a dull plus worthless area to an opportunity for inventive role play together with adventurous games while finding out about the natural world.

We would like to ensure that all of the playgrounds which are set up fit the standards set up by OFSTED; including allowing for young children to have creative play, enhance themselves physically, along with improving logic and critical thinking skills. It’s essential for schools to be aware of the large range of opportunities obtainable by way of financing streams to make certain that they obtain the best spec with regards to their play area.

Other Equipment We Offer

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