Outdoor School Learning Shelters

Outdoor School Learning Shelters

Shelters can come in many different shapes and sizes that can help improve the learning process of children's within schools and nurseries by giving them a new place to learn and develop

School Weather Shelter

School Weather Shelter

We also offer these schools shelters to help children avoid harsh weather conditions, which also means they can continue playing outside

Playground Canopy Shelters

Playground Canopy Shelters

These shelters are specifically designed to improve the overall quality of your playground making the facility more exciting and engaging for children

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Outdoor Shelters for Schools

We specialise in a huge range of outdoor shelters for schools that are all designed to make sure you get the most out of your play facilities. We want to help children to have a better experience at school, be it improved sports and play facilities or enhanced learning opportunities.

We ensure to our clients that we will offer the best overall price and costs for each of our designs and specifications to help ensure that you get a quality product that doesn't break your budget.

There are many designs available when it comes to these products, and each one can provide a diverse outdoor learning environment. Kids are able to play imaginative games as well as take part in fun lessons outside and understand the environment more. If you are looking to improve school garden area facilities with shade and shelter, these are ideal. It is a versatile product that can improve playground provisions in many different ways and make learning more beneficial.

If you would like to learn more about the products and services that we have on the market and are readily available for you then please feel free to use the enquiry section to get in touch with us.

What are Outdoor Shelters?

Outdoor shelters are the areas in which both children and adults can spend time outside, whether that be for learning, socialising or playing games. The shelters are common within schools, nurseries and other facilities as they allow children to learn in a new environment that can stimulate their minds and improve their learning.

The shelters could also be used for playtimes when it is either cold or raining as it will allow them to still get fresh air and run around which can burn some energy. For more information regarding the shelters we provide or the specification of these designs, please don't hesitate to contact us through the information box above.

These could even be used to create a nature play area where kids can explore the natural environment during lessons and learn about different plants in a school garden area. Teachers will be able to improve outdoor curriculum learning with a variety of fun games and activities in a sheltered space. You could also have a range of other timber playground equipment installed as well to create a diverse play area for kids of all ages.

Outside Learning Opportunities 

We offer these outdoor shelters for schools to help dramatically improve the overall quality of the school. These facilities give the school an entirely new dynamic to work with which can help improve the quality of the facility. This can help boost OFSTED ratings and allows for more flexibility with teachers and pupils both inside and out of lesson time.

Having lessons outdoors allows for teachers to do their job in a unique way. They can help focus on different aspects of teaching such as sensory learning to improve the quality of education that your pupils will receive. Having a new environment for which to learn will also help children focus in a different way.

Eventually, children's minds will become distracted after an entire day in a classroom, so to help make sure you get the absolute maximum attention from your students having an outdoor shelter for schools can keep learning fresh for them. These outdoor covers for nurseries and schools can also help cover children from the rain and sun depending on the weather you are dealing with.

If it's a very hot day it would be extremely pleasant for children to still have the option to eat and relax outside without having to worry about harmful UV rays. It also offers refuge from parents waiting to pick up their children after school if it is raining or snowing. To get some more information about the products that we have to offer, please fill out the contact form above and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. 

School Shelter Costs

There are a number of factors that can attribute to the overall costs of your school shelter. The most prevalent being the overall size and dimensions you want the product to be. Another factor could be whether or not you require any surfacing underneath the shelter such as wet pour play surfacing.

There are a whole host of designs and specifications that are available to our clients to make sure that the money that they do spend goes towards a unique product that improves the overall aesthetic look of the facility. The money you spend on the outdoor shades for schools will help to improve your facility massively and in a lot of ways make the investment worthwhile.

For any schools looking to make changes to the learning environment with KS1 or KS2 outdoor improvements, these shelters are fantastic products. They can also be installed for nursery garden areas and EYFS facilities to keep smaller children protected from the Sun when enjoying games outside.

Other Shelters We Offer

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