Bike Shelter

Bike Shelter

These bike shelters offer cover from the elements during play time and also for when parents are collecting their children

Bicycle Shed

Bicycle Shed

These bike sheds allow for children to put their bicycles somewhere safe during school time without fear of them being stolen

Cycle Shelters

Cycle Shelters

Having a bicycle shelter installed at your school encourages children to be far more active improving their physical fitness

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Bike Shelters

We can supply high-quality bike shelters for your school to keep bicycles secure and protected throughout the day. Schools are one of the most important institutions within the country and act as the key developer for children all across the nation. We want to make sure that every school has access to high quality and affordable products and services that can help maximize the overall quality of their facility. Habits that kids pick up at school will stick with them for the rest of their lives, making it extremely important that they have high quality facilities at their disposal.

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What are Bike Shelters?

Bike shelters are the areas in which individuals can leave their bikes in a secure and dry location during the day. These facilities are often located in parks, schools, public places and other facilties to ensure that they remain safe. The council will often fund these covers as it can encourage people to ride their bikes and exercise rather than driving. The shelters can come in a range of colours and styles so if you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we will help you as much as we can. 

Cycle Shelters UK

One of the most common facilities found within schools are bike shelters. These act as a safe and secure please for children to put their bicycles after arriving. Not only will the shelter help protect their bikes from the elements but it gives them somewhere to lock them up safely as well. This helps to build up a routine of making sure that you belongings are looked after and secured properly, giving them a valuable life skill for the future.

Having a cycle shelter installed will vary in costs depending on a few key points. The first of which, and ultimately the biggest factor is the size and dimensions of the shelter. A large school would require a large shelter to help house all the bikes of the students. Whereas a smaller school would only need a smaller one, helping them save on budget due to not having an unnecessarily big facility. These shelters also offer a place for parents waiting for children to take refuge if it is raining. Kids can also utilize the area during play time if the weather is bad to take shelter under.

Bicycle Shelter Funding

Your school could possibly be eligible for funding for a bike shed to be installed. This is because it will help to encourage children to be active when making their way to the building. If they have a safe and secure place to put their bicycles, parents would feel more inclined to let them cycle to school. Helping to improve the quality of life for children is a huge benefit to the nation which can make you eligible for this funding. Giving children the opportunity to exercise on a daily basis will help improve their quality of life not only now but for the future. Not only will it improve the physical fitness of children in the country and but it will help reduce pollution caused by cars driving too and from school making sure to reduce any negative impact this could have to the environment.

Bike Cover Specification

We can offer a range of styles whe it comes to bike sheds for schools and other organisations. As we know every facility is a different size and needs a different style or shape of shelter, therefore we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. We produce both lager shelters that can fit around 50 bikes or smaller areas that only fit 10 bikes. Depeneding on your needs will vary the size and style which can also determine the costs. The coloured frames can also vay to suit your needs. If you need help with the design process our expert team are happy to offer you the help you may need.

Other Shelters We Offer

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