Primary School Play Equipment in Essex

Primary School Play Equipment in Essex

For primary schools looking to improve their outdoor space, we offer a variety of different products like climbing equipment, play towers, bridges and outdoor toys.

School Play Features in Essex

School Play Features in Essex

Ofsted always advise having imaginative and engaging outdoor areas, so incorporating different types of equipment can be very beneficial for the children's development.

Children's Building Panels in Essex

Children's Building Panels in Essex

We offer recreational building panels in a range of sizes, shapes and colours so that kids can build dens and other structures on the school playground.

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Primary School Playground Equipment in Essex

During Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at school children start to learn lots of different skills, so we supply primary school playground equipment in Essex CO5 7 to enhance their development. The products we have available are specially designed for children to encourage physical activity, creativity and problem solving skills. You can choose from timber trim trails, playhouses, sensory play, towers, drawing boards, building blocks and loads of other outdoor features. For more information about the equipment we suppl fill out the contact form above. 

What is Primary School Equipment?

Primary school equipment is different from EYFS and nurseries equipment as the pupils using these features are older. This means that you can install more advanced equipment that older children can play on that is at their level of difficulty. An older child will get bored quickly if they continuously use apparatus designed for 4 year olds, and therefore we provide activities that are better suited to their age. This can include trim trails, taller climbing features and gym equipment.

We have a range of diverse products to choose from so don't hesitate to ask if you are interested in anything particular. We can put together some items which fit into your budget and the specification you want. To find out more about the KS1 and KS2 apparatus that we offer, fill out the contact form provided. 

Our Popular Features

We would advise that you decide on a budget for any play equipment you are looking to buy so we can help you choose the right products at the best price for your school. Some of the most popular features for primary KS1 and KS2 play areas include agility courses, climbing structures, role playhouses and creativity tables. These are perfect for primary age children because they can use their imaginations to make up different games, and also use the furnishings to learn physical and cognitive skills.

It's great to have a diverse range of toys and features in the playground as kids can use them for lots of actvities. They could be incorporated into outdoor learning as well as just for fun at break times. This offers many benefits for kids of various age groups and abilities as they can improve their communication skills and use games to understand the world better.

Kids' Outdoor Furniture

We also have a range of furniture and storage products so children can use tables and chairs for outdoor learning, and other toys can be packed away neatly when not in use. Some of the benches even double up as storage containers with hollow boxes under the seats to keep building blocks and other toys. These are great for teaching children to tidy up after themselves and put away things they are not using so they don’t get lost or damaged.

Please take a few minutes to complete our contact form if you’d like some information about prices of primary school playground equipment for your outdoor play area. We are experts in these products and we can send over detailed sheets and examples of everything we offer so don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.

School Playground Games Design in Essex

It’s important for primary level children to have an engaging outdoor play space that helps them to learn and become more active during lessons, play times and extracurricular activities. As well as a range of climbing frames and active play structures, we can also provide things like games panels and creativity tables. These let the children take part in problem solving games as well as being creative with drawing and painting onto chalk boards and transparent panels.

You can also include sensory play features as part of the school playground games design so the children can get experience of different environments. Things like discovery sand pits and water tables are great because the kids can learn about how sand and water move by using channeling apparatus like funnels and tubes. These activities are often recommended by OFSTED for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 because they encourage discovery and help kids to learn about the environment around them. EYFS groups also use the sensory toys and equipment for early stages of development and games with younger children.

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We have numerous different types of primary school playground equipment in Essex CO5 7 that you can choose from for your school so don’t hesitate to contact us today by completing our enquiry form. Depending on your budget we can suggest some products which may be best suited for you and help you create a complete outdoor play area design for the kids.

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