School Activity Circuit in Aislaby

School Activity Circuit in Aislaby

We supply a number of products which can be used to create an outdoor activity trail which children can traverse around and improve their fitness.

Playground Fitness Trail in Aislaby

Playground Fitness Trail in Aislaby

With timber play equipment trails at schools, the kids can do a range of activities to develop strength, balance, agility and physical literacy.

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School Activity Trail in Aislaby

School Acivity Trails in Aislaby YO21 1 are important for children's development, and having a outdoor play facilities allow pupils to practise a range of skills. Many young people have low levels of physical activity which negatively affects their health, if schools are able to improve their outdoor facilities this can encourage kids to become more active. If you have a budget in mind we can offer you a quote for installing playground equipment and surface markings which suit what you need.

It's important for kids to develop outdoor learning skills by using different pieces of equipment outside. This is something OFSTED look for when completing inspections and is often outlined as an improvement that some schools need to make. You can choose between a number of different components to create an engaging obstacle trail which is perfect for kids of different ages. This could be for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and secondary school level facilities.

What is a School Activity Trail?

A school activity trail is an outdoor facility that can be used for children and young people to have fun and burn energy in an interactive and inventive way. These trails allow the children to develop their physical health through exercise and running around, whilst also developing their imagination. The activity trails involve a series of courses that link together to make a circuit which the children can complete. The courses could be as long or as small as your facility chooses and we can adapt our trails to suit you.

To find out more information about School Activity Trails in Aislaby please fill in the contact form provided. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with more information which you may require and a quote. 

Outdoor Facility Specification 

The design of your outdoor facility is completely up to you, and we offer a variety of fixed equipment and graphics markings that can be installed to an existing area. If you are thinking of having a trim trail with climbing structures set up like an obstacle course, we may supply a number of products to create a complete outdoor facility. These could include balancing beams, climbing walls, rope bridges, monkey bars, ladders which help children with balance, coordination, and fitness as well as being fun and enjoyable. We can produce the trails in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs and we may work with you to choose the perfect design for your facility.

This is a great way of working on physical development for children of all ages as it helps practise climbing, strength and agility. These are all key skills outlined in the National Curriculum for pupils to be learning during lessons and break times.

Safety Surfacing in Aislaby 

We recommend having a safety surface installed around any climbing or balancing equipment to ensure children don’t get hurt if they fall off. Common safety surfaces for play areas include wetpour and rubber mulch, we can install both of these specifications. The flooring can be designed to meet a range of dimensions and colour choices so you can create a personalised look.

The costs of installing an activity trail will vary depending on the type and amount of equipment you want so feel free to contact us for a quote. Playground designs can be tailored for early years children up to age 12 and above so the facility will be suited to the kids who are using it.

Playground Games Circuit

If you don’t want to install climbing equipment and obstacle courses onto your play area, we could create a playground games circuit using coloured floor markings. These are heat applied to tarmac surfacing and may be designed to create a fun activity course where kids can practise different skills. The graphics markings are pre-cut into shapes in thermoplastic, and these shapes are laid onto the tarmac, heated up with a burner and then melted so they stick to the playground surface. A variety of bright colours are available so you can have a vibrant and exciting area for kids to play games.

The different designs that are often chosen for a playground games circuit include footsteps, numbers, letters, commands, hopscotch, spinning circles and any other features you would like to include. By having a range of activities in the circuit, children can improve their fitness and have fun playing with others and making up their own games. Educational markings could also be included as these help with OFSTED reports if you have outdoor learning areas where children can practise new skills.

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